How to Make It in America | Season 1 | Episode 1


TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Ian Edelman
Directed by Julian Farino

Ben Epstein and best friend Cam Calderon are destined to succeed -- if only they can find the right scheme. Most recently, the friends' venture to sell Ben's Wilfredo Gomez branded skateboard-decks has gone bust because their star spokesperson has disappeared from the scene. Needing to make back their investment - to repay the loan from Cam's cousin Rene who is recently out of jail - Cam talks Ben into a leather jacket hustle. But they are busted before they make a sale. Meanwhile, Ben's love life goes from bad to worse when he discovers the hard way (showing up drunk under her window) that his ex, Rachel, has moved on with a successful hotelier. With Rene making serious threats if they don't make their vig payment on time, Ben and Cam are saved just in time with a loan from "Kappo," Ben's old high school-mate turned hedge fund millionaire. Inspiration strikes Ben and as they hand over their payment to Rene, he asks for another $3k - to buy a spool of premium Japanese denim and launch a new jeans line.