Never Say Die
How to Make It in America | Season 1 | Episode 8

Never Say Die

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Ian Edelman & Rob Weiss
Directed by Julian Farino

Rachel and Ben deal with morning-after weirdness and Cam juggles his new indentured servitude to Rene with trying to figure out how to refill the T-shirt order for Haraki. When he hears Rene mention the insurance claim, Cam suspects his cousin may have had something to do with the stolen Rasta Monsta truck.

Rachel has Darren and Edie meet her at the hotel and announces she's quitting the hotel gig, her job with Edie -- and Darren.

While Rene sets up the Rasta Monsta bingo night at the church, he takes the opportunity to confess his criminal urges.

Ben breaks the news to Julie that he can't make the road trip to the wedding in Baltimore and Ben and Cam confront Rene about their suspicions about the truck, begging him for their T-shirts. Rene keeps his cool at the insult but warns Cam to never bring it up again.

Kappo tries to cheer the guys up over drinks; on his way home, Ben runs into the elusive Wilfredo Gomez who tells Ben he loved his skateboard -- before he disappears again.

Feeling guilty, Rene wakes Cam in the middle of the night and takes him to an abandoned lot where he makes him ignite the blaze that blows up the stolen Rasta Monsta truck. "I go down, you go down."

The next morning, Ben and Rachel meet and acknowledge that things are really over. Having retrieved their Ts, Ben and Cam make their delivery to Haraki's couriers at the airport. Crisp is officially launched -- and Cam has big ideas for taking on the Tokyo market.