Keep on Truck'n
How To Make It In America | Season 1 | Episode 7

Keep on Truck'n

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Sarah Treem and Rob Weiss
Directed by Danny Leiner

Ben and Julie's morning sex is interrupted by Cam who needs Ben's help telling Rene they don't have his vig. They promise Rene they can get him the money in 24 hours when they deliver their T-shirts. Feeling generous, Rene lets them work off the week's vig by handing out Rasta Monsta drinks from the truck. But when they get a call the Ts are ready they abandon their post to pick them up.

Rachel is ignoring Darren's calls (and his proposal to move in with him) so he goes to Edie directly to offer her a shot at designing his new hotel. After a quickie presentation to Darren and his partners, they get the gig. Rachel is suspicious of the offer and tells Darren she's not ready to move in with him.

Rene has to impress the beverage company's owner before he can get his Rasta Monsta buyout approved. In spite of the fact that Rene's parole officer insists on coming to the meeting at the Plaza, Rene charms the executive and gets his green light.

En route to deliver their first Crisp product to Haraki, Ben and Cam stop for a bite and the Rasta Monsta truck is stolen -- with their Ts. Cam breaks the news to Rene and is surprised to find his cousin (who is celebrating his new Rasta Monsta ownership) forgiving.  Meanwhile Ben is surprised to find a drunk Rachel sitting on his stoop -- blaming him for her problems.