Queen for Two Days
Girls | Season 5 | Episode 5

Queen for Two Days

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Tami Sagher
Directed by Jesse Peretz

Hannah and her mom, Loreen, head to "Spring Queening," a female empowerment retreat. Loreen hopes to use the retreat as a time to figure out her next steps with Tad, now that he's come out.

Now working at a cat café, Shoshanna gets a surprise visit from her old boss, Abigail. Abigail apologizes for having to fire Shoshanna, but Shoshanna is adamant that she's perfectly fine. She offers to show Abigail around Tokyo. As they go around the city, Abigail tells Shoshanna that she seems really well-acclimated to her new home.

When Hannah tells her mom that she and Fran are in a fight, Loreen says that Hannah is incapable of loving someone who is kind to her because she and Tad failed Hannah as parents. Hannah assures her mother that she is in no way scarred by her parents' marital problems.

Jessa and Adam have sex -- they've clearly gotten past any initial physical awkwardness. Jessa tells Adam that she has to go meet her sister, Minerva, for dinner. Adam offers to go with her. At dinner, Jessa ask her sister for a loan to help her pay for school -- she wants to become a therapist. Minerva doesn't trust Jessa to stick to her plan and is unwilling to sink any money into a whim. Adam tells off Minerva for having no faith in her sister and offers to pay for Jessa's schooling with the money he made doing Big Pharma ads.

Hannah uses a solo hike as an opportunity to call her dad. He's concerned that Loreen is going to file for a divorce. One of the retreat attendants doggedly goes after Hannah for constantly using her phone, but a female yoga instructor comes to Hannah's defense. When Hannah later makes an escape from her dinner table and the incessant commentary around food, she runs into the yoga instructor again. The instructor offers to help Hannah loosen up. An intimate stretching session in the sauna leads to Hannah going down on the yogi.

At dinner with Abigail, Shoshanna breaks down, admitting: "I'm so homesick, and I swear to god that if one more person that I bump into bows and says ‘I'm sorry' I'm going to, like, fucking cut somebody."

Loreen commiserates with a group of women at the retreat about problems with the men in their lives. Hearing the other women talk, Loreen realizes that having a gay husband is comparatively less problematic than a lot of the other women's experiences. Back in her room at the retreat, Loreen tells Hannah that she's decided to stay with Hannah's dad.