Wedding Day
Girls | Season 5 | Episode 1

Wedding Day

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Lena Dunham
Directed by Lena Dunham

It is Marnie and Desi's wedding day. Marnie looks out at the rustic country reception being set up outdoors -- and at the gloomy weather, which threatens rain.

Shoshanna steams bridesmaid dresses and Jessa tries to reassure Marnie about the weather, saying that rain on a wedding day is a good omen for fertility. Meanwhile, Hannah excitedly greets Fran, whose arrival interrupts the "girls only" preparations that Marnie had planned for the day. Marnie instructs Shoshanna to ask Fran to leave.

Hannah drops Fran off at the small cottage serving as Desi's prep-space before the wedding. Ray is there, along with Elijah, one of Desi's friends and Adam. Fran and Adam exchange awkward pleasantries, and Desi gives his thanks to all the guys for being with him.

The hairstylist and makeup artist, Bebe, arrives at the girls' house. It's clear from the get-go that Marnie and Bebe's aesthetic visions for the bridal party do not align. When Marnie says "Laurel Canyon Classic," Bebe asks if she means a "Selena Gomez kind of thing." When Marnie revises and says "Ralph Lauren meets Joni Mitchell," Bebe interprets this as "Selena Gomez meets Jesus."

Adam and Jessa share a cigarette outside the girls' house. Jessa asks whether Adam is upset about Fran. He says he's totally fine with his presence. Jessa and Adam end up passionately kissing before awkwardly and abruptly parting ways.

Ray questions Fran about his intentions with Hannah, asking if Fran is just interested in a quick "push-push in the bush." Ray's questions make it clear that he's not talking about his concern for Hannah, but his concern about Marnie marrying Desi. He admits to Fran that Marnie is the love of his life and that he doesn't have the guts to admit his feelings to her.

Desi has a panic attack in front of the guys over getting married. When Desi runs off, Desi's friend reveals to Ray and Fran that Desi has been engaged seven times before. Ray goes off in search of Desi.

Marnie and her mom argue about flower crowns. While Bebe works on Hannah's hair, Marnie tells Hannah off for not wanting to do anything special with her look for the wedding. Hannah freaks and leaves the house to have sex with Fran.

In Fran's car, Fran tells Hannah that this is Desi's eighth engagement. Hannah says she has to tell Marnie, but Fran tells her not to, saying that he was told about these past engagements in confidence.

It starts to rain.

Finding Desi floating in a pond, Ray jumps in and gives him a pep talk about how love is about sacrifice. Desi interprets Ray's words as Ray saying that he sacrificed Marnie so that she could find her destiny with Desi. Desi frantically swims his way back to land to get married.

Hannah returns to the girls' house and finds Marnie with her face caked in makeup. When Marnie flips out about her makeup and the fact that it's raining and storms out of the room, Hannah goes after her and apologizes for not being supportive. Marnie asks for Hannah to stand by her, since she has stood by Hannah through so many mistakes in the past. Hannah tells Marnie that she is with her every step of the way.

Jessa redoes all of the girls' hair and makeup. The rain stops, and the girls head outside for the ceremony.