Good Man
Girls | Season 5 | Episode 2

Good Man

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Jenni Konner & Lena Dunham
Directed by Lena Dunham

Sleeping at Fran's house, Hannah is woken up by Jacob (Fran's roommate) who's experiencing a manic episode. Jacob goes off on Hannah when she calls him crazy. To get away from the unstable environment, Fran moves in with Hannah and Elijah.

Adam seeks out Jessa at AA. He wants to talk to her about their kiss at Marnie's wedding, but Jessa tells him that nothing can ever happen between them because of her friendship with Hannah. Adam convinces her to hang out with him for the day as "friends." They go off and have a fun day together in Coney Island.

At school, Hannah gets a phone call from her hysterical father, who tells her that he's in Midtown Manhattan hotel room. Suspecting that something "invasive" has happened to his body as he grapples with his newly-embraced homosexual identity, Hannah rushes off to see him, cutting short her sit-down with Principal Toby.

Ray is upset over the popularity of a new pretentious coffee shop, Helvetica, that opened across the street from his own café. Helvetica doesn't give customers lids with their to-go cups, and people keep coming over to Ray's to steal lids. When Ray goes over to the new coffee shop in the hopes of rectifying this problem, he accidentally insults one of the baristas by using a gendered pronoun.

Hannah learns that her dad came to the city to meet a man named Keith, whom he'd originally connected with on a dating website. Her dad is very shaken by the encounter and breaks down when he admits he left his wallet at Keith's apartment. Hannah goes to the apartment to retrieve the wallet and meets Keith, who seems like a perfectly nice man.

After their day in Coney Island, Jessa agrees to go back to her apartment with Adam, on the condition that they do not have sex. Instead, they enjoy a solo/un-solo masturbation session.

While working a shift at Ray's, Elijah gets a phone call from Hannah asking him to come and help talk to her father. When Elijah gets to Midtown, he spots Hannah and her dad through a restaurant window, both in tears. He decides to head to a bar instead, where he meets Dill Harcourt, a famous newscaster. The two hit it off, and Dill gives Elijah his business card before they part ways.