Please Partake Of A Memorial Orange
Getting On | Season 3 | Episode 5

Please Partake Of A Memorial Orange

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer
nDirected by
Miguel Arteta

Dawn welcomes Dr. James back from her trip to Mexico, though Jenna is evasive about details. Varla Pounder wakes up in Billy Barnes after a week's stay, with an unfamiliar young woman looming over her. The woman introduces herself as Varla's estranged daughter, Marla, who's been searching for her mother for the last six years.

nDennis approaches DiDi about serving as Dawn's kidney advocate, though DiDi isn't certain she wants the job. Dawn, bag of baby carrots in hand, insists she's taking care of herself but milks DiDi's sympathy for all it's worth.
nDr. Rudd apologizes for taking advantage of Dr. James and treating her like an object. He admits to Jenna that he's a recovering sex addict and unwittingly insults her while explaining the details of his condition.

nDawn brings Varla her medication, a cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs. Marla asks Dawn to get Varla some apple juice to take them with, and after she leaves, Marla disposes of the pills, calling them "poison." She explains to Varla that "psychiatry is a criminal enterprise" and promises to help her mother recover without drugs. "I can help you clear," Marla says, referring to her Scientologist faith.

nDr. James' husband Richard arrives at the hospital to meet Jenna for lunch. He chats with DiDi who asks about their recent trip to Mexico. Richard reacts with surprise; there was no trip. Furthermore, he's also not aware of the hospice scandal which DiDi reveals has been a major stressor for Dr. James. Over lunch, Richard confronts Jenna about her lies, bewildered when she insists he's been the distant one, not her.

nDawn sneaks junk food in the break room but is caught by Marguerite. Dawn insists she can eat whatever she wants because she's getting a new kidney, then calls Marguerite a "pussy" for caring. Later, Dawn meets with her doctor, who tells her it's great she's been so proactive in her search for a live kidney. Dawn needs all the help she can get, he explains, as her numbers have collapsed. Dawn is shocked to hear that she's really dying.

nDr. James finds Dr. Rudd and explains that she too objectified him. "I think for the moment that I just thought that you were f**kable." She turns away and finds herself face to face with Richard, who's overheard the entire conversation. He confronts Jenna about having an affair. She insists nothing happened between her and Dr. Rudd, but given her recent dishonesty, Richard doesn't believe her.

nWith Marla sound asleep, Varla hobbles over and attempts to strangle her. Marla startles awake and attempts to strangle Varla back. Dr. James and the others rush in to break the women apart. Marla is wheeled away in a neck brace following the altercation; Varla is injected with a sedative.

nDawn finds DiDi preparing for Birdy's memorial at the monthly mass hospital patient service. She begs DiDi to make a statement about her as she really is dying now. DiDi refuses, feeling to do so would be inappropriate. When she gets up to speak about Birdy, Dawn interrupts with her own troubles and begs the crowd for a kidney. Jenna gets up, and based on a comment from Richard, asks the group to help evaluate her soul. DiDi, Dawn and Jenna argue over whose turn it is to speak before Jenna "selflessly" offers to give one of her kidneys to Dawn. When the women return to Billy Barnes, they discover the ward has finally been shut down. A security guard informs them that all patients will be discharged within 48 hours.