Don't Let It Get In You Or On You
Getting On | Season 3 | Episode 2

Don't Let It Get In You Or On You

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer
Directed by
Miguel Arteta

Dawn meets with her kidney doctor to have a dialysis port put into her arm. The doctor asks if she's heard the rumors about the hospital filing for bankruptcy, but she doesn't have any more information than he does.
DiDi argues with her sister-in-law Yvette on the phone about moving their mother-in-law, Viv, out of her nursing home. Dr. James arrives and introduces Dr. Rudd; instead of replacing her, he'll be joining her staff.

The Billy Barnes staff scrambles to take care of an influx of patients -- passengers from a cruise ship that have been infected with a neurovirus that's caused severe diarrhea. Dr. James connects with a particular passenger, Mrs. Stein, who reveals that she has pancreatic cancer and that the cruise was a gift to herself. When Dr. James takes the woman's arm to check vitals, she spots a tattooed number from a concentration camp.

Yvette arrives in the middle of the chaos to confront DiDi about moving their mother-in-law into DiDi's home. DiDi explains that she didn't have a choice; when she visited, she found Viv wandering the halls unbathed with her robe hanging open.

Dr. James and her residents meet with Mrs. Stein and tell her about a new drug in clinical trials that could help her pancreatic cancer. Though severe side effects are possible, Mrs. Stein agrees to try it out, as she feels that she's always been lucky.

Dawn finds Sammy, Dennis's mentally-challenged uncle, hanging out with Patsy in his office. At first, Dawn wants nothing to do with Patsy, but they soon find themselves connecting over their bond with Sammy. They congratulate themselves for getting past their differences for a cause bigger than themselves.

Yvette calls in DiDi's husband Darnell and his brother Waylan to discuss their stepmother's care. Darnell explains that he set up a nanny cam so that he and DiDi can check in on Viv throughout the day, but when he opens the feed, they discover she's fallen out of bed.

Though Mrs. Stein has only been on the experimental cancer drug for a short time, she starts suffering complications. Dr. James remains positive that the drug will work and is stunned when she goes to check on the woman and finds her dead.

Marguerite opens an envelope containing three letters notifying her, Patsy and Dawn that their jobs will be terminated in 60 days. She's shocked to learn that the rumors about Mount Palms shutting down are true.
DiDi finds Dawn down at dialysis with a patient and is shocked to discover that Dawn is a patient herself. DiDi asks if anyone else knows about Dawn's condition. Dawn explains only her husband Dennis knows, and that she doesn't want Dr. James to find out.