This Is About Vomit, People

Written by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer
Directed by
Miguel Arteta

In the wake of Billy Barnes' hospice scandal, Dr. Jenna James is forced to take an ethics webinar, although she falls asleep in the middle of a lecture.
Following a camping trip to Big Bear, Dawn brings her husband Dennis and his developmentally challenged uncle-in-law, Sammy, into the ward. They both have a poison ivy rash all over their legs. Patsy observes the scene from a distance and takes pleasure in Dawn's misery. Afterwards, he walks through the ward and is suddenly overcome by nausea. He throws up, and believing no one has seen him, charges Marguerite with cleaning it up.

Dr. James returns from her ethics seminar and spots a handsome new doctor on the ward. DiDi points out that someone vomited, and Marguerite explains that she called Antoine to come take care of it. DiDi complains that supplies are running low on the ward and heads to another department to gather linens and other essentials.

Dr. James runs into the handsome new doctor, Ron Rudd. He reveals that he's being brought in to replace the head of Billy Barnes, following their hospice ethics debacle a few months back. Dr. James makes up a fake name, so as not to reveal who she is, then runs away to call her lawyer.

DiDi confronts Antoine about not cleaning up the vomit, and he explains that their union protects both of them from cleaning it up because they have a no-bodily-fluids clause in their contract. DiDi decides she'll take care of it if no one else will, until Antoine asks her when the last time was that she got a raise or a better pension.

The Billy Barnes staff sit in on a meeting run by Dr. Paul Stickley, who explains that a settlement for the hospice scandal is coming soon and that a "new leadership element" may be brought in to Billy Barnes. Dr. Rudd introduces himself to the staff who are skeptical about their soon-to-be new boss.

Jenna has a clandestine meeting with hospice representative Suzi Sasso in the ward's ladies' room. Now that they're both going to be thrown under the bus, the two women have agreed to put their differences aside and work together to save their jobs.

Dawn confronts Patsy about "picking apart her happiness," but the argument soon turns into a heart-to-heart when Patsy admits he still has feelings for Dawn. She opens up to him about her unhappy marriage to Dennis. "All I wanted was someone to love me and to take care of me," she sobs, "but all I got was this pothead with mild PTSD and a developmentally challenged uncle-in-law."
Following a bed-wetting incident the night before, Dawn sees a doctor who tells her that she only has 10 percent kidney function and needs to get on dialysis immediately. Dawn is shocked; up until now, she's had no symptoms of late stage kidney failure.

With everyone on the ward refusing to clean up the vomit, the two union reps stage an "off-the-record inter-union sit-down" to talk about each group's responsibilities. DiDi emerges as her union's leader and complains that there are bigger problems than the vomit—she and the staff are finding it increasingly difficult to do their jobs because they are low on basic supplies.

Dr. James confronts Dr. Stickley about her secret replacement, then reveals the information that she and Suzi have on him. According to Suzi's files, there was "a sudden ballooning" in hospice enrollment that was not Jenna’s fault. They know that Dr. Stickley instructed the hospital's ICU and OR units to dump dying patients into hospice so that he could lower the hospital's official death rate and use those phony numbers to get a higher Medicaid reimbursement. Suzi, on Dr. James' speakerphone, tells Dr. Stickley they have him "by the balls."