The Cast Remembers

First days on set, favorite costumes and scenes they'll never forget: the actors look back on filming eight seasons of Game of Thrones.


Emilia Clark | Daenerys Targaryen

The actor recalls her first scene, and discusses how taking on the role of Dany has changed how she thinks of herself.

Iain Glen | Jorah Mormont

Glen talks about what he’s loved most about working with Mother of Dragons actor Emilia Clark, and shares what costume piece he wanted to always wear.

Lena Headey | Cersei Lannister

Headey shares her favorite screen partners and what advice she would give to Cersei.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau | Jaime Lannister

The actor shares stories from shooting pivotal scenes throughout the series, and what he thinks is unique about Game of Thrones.

Maisie Williams | Arya Stark

The actor looks back on her first day on-set and getting to reunite with her onscreen sister and offscreen best friend, Sophie Turner.

Rory McCann | The Hound

The actor opens up about his initial reaction to the Red Wedding, fighting Brienne of Tarth and the one thing he won’t miss about working on Game of Thrones.

Sophie Turner | Sansa Stark

Sophie Turner describes growing up on Game of Thrones and how hard it was to say goodbye to the cast and crew.

Isaac Hempstead Wright | Bran Stark

The actor opens up about the lasting friendships he’s made working on GoT, and the moment in the series that shocked him the most.

Peter Dinklage | Tyrion Lannister

The actor discusses his initial hesitation to working on a fantasy show, but how much Tyrion has meant to him over eight seasons.

Liam Cunningham | Davos Seaworth

Cunningham recalls the weirdest scene he’s ever shot on GoT and what’s been most rewarding about working on the series.

John Bradley | Samwell Tarly

The actor recalls his favorite day filming in Iceland and what makes Kit Harington an amazing scene partner.

Kit Harington | Jon Snow

Harington opens up about which actor was most special to work with, and what he’ll miss most about creating Game of Thrones.

The final season of Game of Thrones premieres April 14 at 9 pm. Explore more from Season 8.