No One
Game of Thrones | Season 6 | Episode 8

No One

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss
Directed by Mark Mylod

In the Gate Theatre, Lady Crane completes a revised version of Joffrey's death scene onstage, having incorporated Arya's notes. It brings down the house. Heading to the dressing room for a celebratory drink, she finds Arya still bleeding profusely, hiding in the corner.

Lady Crane brings Arya to her personal quarters to tend to the girl's injuries, as Arya inquires after Bianca. "She'll have a hard time working as an actress, after what I did to her face," Lady Crane answers. She invites Arya to join the acting troupe, but Arya, aware she will be hunted, speaks of wanting to see what's "west of Westeros."

The Hound comes upon a small group from the Brotherhood Without Banners, including a pair who helped destroy Ray's sept. He quickly dispatches them with his axe.

Still searching for the others, the Hound is surprised to find Lem Lemoncloak and his other accomplices already in nooses, surrounded by Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, and the rest of the Brotherhood. After some negotiation, Beric allows the Hound to kill Lem, but only by hanging. Sensing a change in the Hound, Beric tries to persuade him to join the Brotherhood, but the Hound refuses. Dondarrion argues, with words not unlike Brother Ray's, "You can still help a lot more than you've harmed, Clegane. It's not too late for you." The Hound considers the offer.

Tyrion and Varys walk through a reinvigorated Meereen, noting the Red Priestess preaching support for Daenerys. Varys mollifies Tyrion's concerns about the missing queen, and the two friends part ways as Varys boards a ship.

Having convinced Missandei and Grey Worm to drink a toast to Daenerys, Tyrion asks for jokes. The light-hearted, though slightly awkward, moment is interrupted when the Masters' war armada announces its arrival.

With the city under attack, Tyrion admits he was wrong about the Masters but Grey Worm takes charge of the city's defenses. A thud is heard on the roof, and the defensive Unsullied immediately raise their spears, before dropping to their knees as Daenerys – most displeased – walks through the balcony door.

Cersei is thrown when members of the Faith Militant are granted permission into the Red Keep – and by Tommen, who's at prayer. Lancel tells her the High Sparrow requires her presence at the Great Sept. Visibly nervous, Cersei refuses to go, and demands the men leave. As members of the Faith move forward, the Mountain steps in front of her, and Cersei, with newfound confidence, doesn't budge. Several of the fanatics approach, but the Mountain makes quick work of them. "Please tell his High Holiness he's always welcome to visit," Cersei smirks.

Cersei enters the throne room, surprised she wasn't told of an imminent royal pronouncement. Kevan forbids her to stand by Tommen and Cersei is shunted to the side with the other ladies of the court. Tommen announces the date of his mother's and Loras' trials, and declares that trials-by-combat will no longer be permitted in the Seven Kingdoms. The Mountain will no longer be able to save Cersei. Tommen leaves, unable to meet his mother's eyes. Qyburn approaches the stricken Cersei, mentioning an "old rumor" his Little Birds have investigated. Cersei asks, "Is it a rumor or something more?" The ex-Maester confirms, "More. Much more."

Brienne and Podrick arrive at Riverrun, taking in the current state of the siege. When Lannister guards draw close, she calmly informs them she has come to speak with Jaime: "Tell him I have his sword."

Outside Jaime's tent, Bronn surprises Pod with a chokehold. Happy to find the squire still alive, Bronn teaches the young man his own style of fighting.

Meeting privately, Jaime is surprised and proud that Brienne fulfilled her oath to Catelyn Stark. Brienne explains Sansa's desire for aid from the Tully army, and requests Jaime's permission to enter the castle and plead her case to the Blackfish; should he agree to help his niece, Brienne asks that the Tully army be allowed to abandon the property unharmed. Jaime gives her until nightfall. Brienne removes Oathkeeper, but Jaime shakes his head, "It's yours. It will always be yours." Brienne keeps the sword, but reminds Jaime that should it come to battle, she will be obligated to fight for Sansa's kin against him.

Rejecting Brienne's idea before even looking at Sansa's letter, the Blackfish finally relents and reads it. Although he understands that Sansa wants her home back, he says he has to defend his own home foremost, and cannot offer his niece aid.

Jaime visits the captive Edmure Tully to offer a deal, and mentions his admiration for Catelyn, Edmure's sister. Edmure declares Jaime a madman, indicating his unwillingness to work with the Kingslayer. Uninterested in negotiating, Jaime speaks of the son Edmure has yet to meet, and warns there is nothing he will not do to win this battle and return to Cersei.

Standing on the drawbridge, Edmure demands entrance to the castle as Lord of Riverrun. Despite the Blackfish's orders, the bridge is lowered to the castle's rightful lord. Once inside, Edmure issues a surrender and instructions to find his uncle. The Blackfish leads Brienne and Podrick to a skiff, but does not flee with them. "You'll serve Sansa far better than I ever could," he says before drawing his sword.

The castle taken, and the Blackfish dead, Jaime looks out on the water. Seeing the skiff, he knows he could have his men seize Brienne and Podrick as enemies. Instead he raises his golden hand in farewell to the boat's passengers. Brienne, returning his gaze, does the same.

Lady Crane climbs up on a stool to reach something, when, unnoticed by the actress, a figure enters the room. Arya wakes suddenly when she hears a loud crash, and cautiously goes to investigate. Horrified, she finds the Waif standing over Lady Crane's contorted body. Arya jumps out a nearby window, clumsily running through the Braavosi streets as the Waif aggressively pursues her. Once Arya realizes she can't outrun the Waif, she leads the assassin back to the grotto where she once slept, her wound bleeding again. As the Waif steps forward for the kill, Arya raises Needle, closes her eyes, and swings the blade to slice the top off a nearby candle. The room falls dark – and only one of them ever learned to fight blind.

Jaqen H'ghar follows a trail of blood through the Hall of Faces to find the Waif's face, crudely removed and newly mounted on the wall. Seeing Arya, he tells her she has won her way into the Faceless Men. "Finally, a girl is No One." But Arya dismisses his praise, "A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. And I'm going home."