Fire Sale
Entourage | Season 5 | Episode 4

Fire Sale

TV-MA | 23 MIN

Directed by Seith Mann
Written by Doug Ellin

Eric finds himself in the middle of a bidding war for 'Smokejumpers' when Ari announces he's finally read the script and wants to sell it with Vince attached at the "general" meetings he's set up. Eric balks, having promised it to Amanda and Ed Norton but Ari reminds him his job is to drive up the price for his clients. Eric step ups, honing his negotiating skills -- and pissing off Amanda in the process.

Meanwhile, Drama makes a fool of himself on 'The View,' crying over Jaqueline and Turtle and Shauna have to bail him out of jail when he turns his grief - and his briefs - on a police officer. When the only offer Vince gets is the lead in 'Benji,' he urges Ari to let him play the second lead in 'Smokejumpers.' It looks like E can make both Vince and his writers happy with this compromise...until Amanda comes back to Eric with a final offer. Ed Norton's back with a million against two million for the script at the studio run by Alan Gray - the man who fired Vince off the sequel to 'Aquaman.'