Gotta Look Up To Get Down
Entourage | Season 5 | Episode 7

Gotta Look Up To Get Down

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Directed by Mark Mylod
Written by Ally Musika and Rob Weiss

Vince and the guys show up for his Dolce and & Gabbana photo shoot and when sparks fly between Vince and his co-star, model Natasha, everyone notices - including the campaign's masterming Frederick "call me Freddy" Lyne. Meanwhile, at Alan Gray's funeral, Ari corners Gray's boss John Ellis to secure Vince's role in 'Smokejumpers' but Ellis has other ideas - like hiring Ari as Gray's replacement. Back on the photo shoot, Natasha is replaced and Eric gets some aggressive attention from another model, Raina, who turns out to be more into him as a manager than a boy toy. Vince accuses Freddy of firing Natasha because she wouldn't sleep with him; but Freddy reveals that it's actually Vince that he wants to sleep with and Vince quits, losing out on another $1 million pay check.

As John continues to woo Ari with a model airplane and expensive watch, Ari gets increasingly annoyed with his clients and decides to take John up on a last minute jaunt with the wives to Geneva on the corporate jet. At Van Nuys, Ari runs into Vince and crew on their way for a getaway with Natasha and a plane full of models. Ari confides to Vince about his job offer and a torn Vince congratulates him and they take off in their separate jets.