First Class Jerk
Entourage | Season 5 | Episode 8

First Class Jerk

TV-MA | 24 MIN

Directed by Ken Whittingham
Written by Doug Ellin and Rob Weis

Turtle gets the one first-class ticket home from Hawaii while the other guys ride coach and befriends Jamie Lynn-Sigler. When Drama and the guys ridicule his ability to get with the 'Sopranos' star, Turtle blurts that she intimate with little Turtle mid-flight but no one believes him. Meanwhile, Ari returns from Geneva but word has leaked he's up for the studio job and the pressure is on to decide. Josh Weinstein approaches Eric about representing Vince and sets up a meeting with Frank Darabont but when the offer is for a TV (not film) role, they walk. Mrs. Ari sides with Lloyd when he lectures Ari that he can't abandon his clients or the benefits of being his own boss. Ari is about to pass on the offer when he learns from Dana that Amanda Daniels is next in line. He goes to Amanda to bury the hatchet (and make sure she'll hire his clients) but Amanda won't make peace. Ari heads to John Ellis to discuss the offer after all. But when Vince and the guys go to see Ari he announces that he didn't take the job - he made sure Dana Gordon got it and Vince is back in 'Smokejumpers.' Celebrating at a club, the guys spot Jamie-Lynn Sigler who throws a drink in Turtle's face, having heard he's been bragging about their encounter. When Drama tries to take the blame for spreading false rumors, Jamie-Lynn reveals it was true and she would have gone further if Turtle had kept his mouth shut.