Agent of Change
Enlightened | Season 2 | Episode 8

Agent of Change

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Mike White
Directed by Mike White

Amy calls Tyler to let him know the story is going to run and he needs to prepare himself. He comes clean to Eileen about what Amy is doing-and his role in it-and she storms out of his house. Helen gets upset when Amy breaks the news about her blowing the whistle at Abaddonn. Amy offers to move out and Helen takes her up on it.

Jeff alerts Amy that someone leaked word to Abaddonn about her involvement in the exposé and Amy immediately suspects Krista. She confronts Krista - just after she's given birth - and Krista's family removes her from the room.

Dougie is saying goodbye to his Cogentiva group, when H.R. arrives to take Tyler away. Amy realizes that it was Eileen who told Abaddonn about the story. She collects her documents and hard drive and tries to leave the building but is stopped by security. Escorted to Szidon's office, she tells Eileen it was her idea, she shouldn't blame Tyler.

Amy is grilled by H.R., Abaddonn's legal counsel, and Charles Szidon. They press her for information about what she gave to the L.A. Times, threatening to sue. Amy says, "I have a car that doesn't work and I'm $20,000 in debt, so knock yourself out." As an incensed Szidon screams at her, she calmly replies: "The only thing I feel is satisfaction."

Amy calls Jeff to tell him the news, mentioning that they're going to sue her. "We always knew that would happen," Jeff says, but Amy didn't know that. Adrift, she ends up at Levi's, wondering who she really is. "You're just full of hope," her ex-husband tells her.

The Abaddonn exposé runs on the front page, where Helen reads it, proudly. Eileen and Tyler get back together. Amy sees the paper at a café and walks past it, off to the next stage in her life.