Follow Me
Enlightened | Season 2 | Episode 4

Follow Me

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Mike White
Directed by Mike White

Jeff picks up Amy at her house, where he meets Helen and makes a positive impression. At dinner, Jeff expresses his belief in the power of social media and tells Amy about Roberta, a woman who organized huge corporate boycotts while blogging from a Starbucks in Monrovia, CA. He invites Amy to attend an event held in Roberta's honor. Struck by the inspiring people she meets there, Amy is glowing as Jeff walks her to her car at the end of the evening - even before he kisses her.

Back in the Cogentiva office, Omar's firing has Dougie on edge. He keeps a watchful eye on Amy and Tyler and yells at them when he spots them whispering to each other and not working. Amy starts a Twitter account and nudges her coworkers to follow her on it.

When Amy steps out during lunch to visit Krista in the hospital, Dougie tries to get Tyler to admit what they've been up to. Tyler doesn't take the bait and Dougie demands to get on his computer. Knowing they're about to be found out, Tyler prints out emails in which the Abaddonn executives discuss shutting down the Cogentiva program.

The next day, Dougie calls Amy and Tyler into his office-he knows they switched out Omar's hard drive. Dougie storms out before Amy can explain and she chases him down to share the emails. When Dougie reads what his superiors really think of him-that he's a dirtbag with bad hair-he's stricken. He tells Amy he's down to join their crusade, not because he cares about her cause, but because he wants to f*** them over.