No Doubt
Enlightened | Season 2 | Episode 7

No Doubt

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Mike White
Directed by David Michord

After another night spent with Jeff, Amy enters the office to find Dougie blaring rap music and lighting up a joint. He's just received word that Cogentiva is being shut down and now he "doesn't give a f**k." Tyler tells Amy that Eileen might be able to get her the community outreach job at Abaddonn she's always wanted-she's already used her pull with Charles Szidon to get Tyler back into IT-but Amy thinks it's too late.

Amy goes to see Krista before she gives birth, and her old assistant is genuinely happy to receive her. Amy tells Krista about the exposé on Abaddonn she's been working on with Jeff, and though she's surprised, Krista wishes her the best. Amy then meets Levi at a bar, where he's drinking water. Levi is ready to give her the family she's always wanted, but Amy tells him that's changed. Levi wishes her a "nice big life" and storms out.

Eileen arranges the meeting between Amy and Szidon at the CEO's country club. Szidon is impressed by Amy's passion and candor, and offers her the job she'd been angling for...with a salary of $100,000. Amy is struck by his offer and goes to Jeff to discuss whether they can do more good from the inside. Jeff isn't hearing it; the story's running next week and there isn't going to be a job for her at Abaddonn after it does. Also, he thinks it would be "bad form" if they were perceived to be in a relationship when the story breaks. "I think we both knew all along, we just gave into feelings," he tells her. Heartbroken, Amy gets up to walk out and tells Jeff, "But I didn't know all along."