All I Ever Wanted
Enlightened | Season 2 | Episode 6

All I Ever Wanted

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Mike White
Directed by Todd Haynes

Amy arrives at Jeff's apartment with the new documents she got from Szidon's computer. As Jeff reads through them she peruses his belongings, impressed by his exciting life. Finally, he looks up and says "F**king gold, Amy. It's like the Wikileaks of Abaddonn. " He tells her, "I'm so happy, I could kiss you"-then does. Jeff invites her to stay over, and Amy, head-spinning, agrees. They spend the next day together living the life that Amy's been imagining-going to a cafe, reading Chomsky in bed, and talking about important issues.

Back in the office, Tyler tells Amy he's worried that when word gets out, Eileen is going to realize they hacked her computer. Amy invites Jeff to come out to Riverside, but while's she's getting ready there's an unexpected visitor at the door-Levi is back, claiming his head is on straight now. They go for a walk and Levi tries to convince Amy that his epiphany was real. He gives her the letter where he names her as his higher power, telling Amy he's ready to be the person she always wanted him to be.

Amy's not emotionally prepared for Levi's return and tells him "I don't want the same old story, I want a new story." She returns home, where Helen is entertaining Jeff in Amy's absence. Amy goes to her room and begins to break down; Helen comes in and holds her. After Amy calms down, she and Jeff leave for dinner, driving away as Levi approaches the driveway.