Enlightened Season 2Enlightened Season 2

Season Two Premiere. Looking for the key to ruin Abaddonn, Amy forms an alliance with charming journalist Jeff Flender (Dermot Mulroney).
Tyler scrambles to find a scapegoat after Amy's breach of security is exposed.
In Hawaii, Levi escapes Open Air with a pair of fellow malcontents for a night of drugs and debauchery.
Amy gets inspired by social media; Dougie has second thoughts about reporting the security breach to HR.
In an effort to dig up dirt on Abaddonn's CEO, Amy, Tyler and Dougie try to befriend his assistant Eileen.
Amy daydreams about building a relationship with Jeff after the two find gold in Szidon's personal emails.
Amy gets an unexpected meeting with Charles Szidon; Dougie goes off the rails.
Season Two Finale. On the precipice of bringing down Abaddonn, Amy prepares herself and those around her for the inevitable fallout.