Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 9 | Episode 7



Written by Larry David and Jeff Schaffer

Directed by Jessie Nelson

Larry gets in trouble with his yoga instructor, Tina, for refusing to say "namaste" at the end of class. She argues it's important for Larry to allow the "light within" to greet the light within his fellow yogis. When Larry won't comply, Tina bans him from class. Leon fares better, managing to get her phone number. After class, Larry hits a car parked behind him and, against Leon's advisement, leaves a note apologizing, along with his contact info.

One of Susie's friends, Bridget, is interested in dating Larry — despite Susie's best efforts to persuade her otherwise. Larry's intrigued, but wants to see a picture before he asks her on a date. Susie is incredulous, sparking a debate over where Larry stands on an Uber-rating scale. According to Susie, he's a measly two. Later, Larry asks an Uber driver to give an honest "Uber rating" of his looks. The driver confirms Susie's assessment of two stars.

Jeff refers Larry to his mechanic friend, Greg, who offers to help fix Larry's bumper (dented from the parking lot incident). At the body shop, Larry immediately puts his foot in his mouth, noting aloud that Greg is black. He tries to explain his remark was one of surprise because Jeff hadn't mentioned it, not a discriminatory remark. Greg doesn't see Larry's logic and becomes chilly and unhelpful assessing the car.

Larry gets a call from the guy whose car he hit — Justin. The two exchange harsh words, and Larry tells him to come by the house to figure out proper payment for the damage. When Justin comes by, Leon answers the door. Mistaking Leon for Larry, Justin immediately becomes amenable, offering to take on all costs for his car repairs.

Larry goes on a date with Susie's friend Bridget, and the two immediately hit it off. The one hitch is Bridget's son, Eddie. He makes his dislike for Larry very clear. Bridget explains that he has Asperger's, hence the rude behavior. Realizing people with Asperger's get a lot of leeway for rudeness, Larry swings by Greg's shop and claims he's on the spectrum. Their previous interaction suddenly makes a lot more sense, and Greg instantly accepts Larry's apology. He also says he'll fix the car in a day, free of charge.

Larry gets a text from Bridget: Eddie is at a lesson for an hour, and she wants Larry to come over. The only hitch: Larry's Uber rating is so low, he can't get a ride. He opts to take a bus, but ends up heckling the driver so much that the other passengers kick him off. Romance will have to wait.