King of Norway
Boardwalk Empire | Season 5 | Episode 5

King of Norway

TV-MA | 54 MIN

Written by Steve Kornacki
Directed by Ed Bianchi

Atlantic City, 1897. A local eccentric, Mae Zeller, directs Deputy Sherriff Enoch Thompson under the pier to investigate what she believes to be a dead body. Upon further inspection, Enoch discovers the corpse is actually that of a dead hog.

Following his conversation with Nucky about Lucky Luciano, Al Capone takes Nucky's odd response as an omen and decides his men need to be more vigilant in their operation. To avoid further trouble with the Feds, Capone orders Mike 'DAngelo and his men to move everything to Cicero immediately.

Nucky is called to the Old Rumpus by Mickey Doyle. When he arrives, Nucky's stunned to see Chalky White seated in his office. Chalky reveals he's after Dr. Narcisse, but Nucky is reluctant to help. He insists Chalky seek out his family instead; they've moved to St. Louis and live under his wife's maiden name. Upon learning that Chalky is still a wanted man, Nucky offers him protection and a place to stay until he gets back from New York City.

A hung-over Eli wakes to pounding on his rooming house door; he's slept past the time he was supposed to pick up June at the train station. As he invites his wife in, Eli is shocked to discover that June is seven months pregnant. Seizing a chance to "start over," Eli begs for her and the remaining kids to move out to Chicago -- even if it means that Nucky will stop sending the family an allowance.

Nucky meets with Johnny Torrio to discuss Capone's warning, but Torrio is dismissive of his former protégé's claim. He reminds Nucky of their positive sit-down with Maranzano, but Nucky is certain Luciano is acting on his own. Despite his misgivings, Torrio agrees to join Nucky at his meeting with Maranzano, promising to help him get to the bottom of everything.

1897. Sheriff Lindsay and Enoch meet with the Commodore who asks them to "get rid of" Pat Halligan, who's putting the squeeze on him from New York. Enoch suggests an aboveboard idea to keep Halligan and his cronies out of Atlantic City, but the Commodore dismisses him from the office to discuss another "solution" with Lindsay and Leander Whitlock.

Eli and June have a tense dinner at Van Alden's kit house, where Sigrid treats June coldly and takes every opportunity to belittle her husband. Following their meal, Eli insists that he and Van Alden clear the dishes, but when Abigail puts on a George Van Dusen record, Eli is overcome. Realizing that he slept with Sigrid while very drunk, he drops an armload of dishes. "You remember now?" Sigrid asks him, before revealing to June, "Your man and me, we fuck. When husband is at work making the collections." Before the situation escalates, Mike 'DAngelo and another Fed arrive wielding badges, and order "Nelson" and "Sheriff Thompson" to come with them.

At Conors & Gould, Margaret hands over a check to Carolyn Rothstein. After Carolyn and her attorney leave, Conors asks Margaret when he'll have the privilege of thanking her husband personally. Margaret assures him that Nucky does nothing from the goodness of his heart but Conors can begin by opening an account for Nucky under an assumed name -- for the purpose of shorting Mayflower Grain Corporation stock.

At the psychiatric hospital, Gillian is shocked when fellow patient Charlotte returns from one of Dr. Cotton's procedures nearly catatonic. Charlotte opens her robe to reveal a crudely stitched wound across her abdomen, where her "sickness" was removed.

1897. Enoch has dinner at an expensive restaurant with Mabel Jeffries and her father Daniel, in hope of proving himself worthy. After tasking Mabel with an errand, Daniel assures Enoch that while he has no plans to keep the two from marrying, he admires none of Enoch's good qualities. Daniel thinks he simply has a nose for figuring out what people want to hear.

After it becomes clear that Torrio is a no-show, Nucky and Maranzano start their meeting without him. Maranzano remains confident that Luciano is no real threat and has no plans to take him out. Suddenly, Arquimedes tackles Nucky to the floor; a sedan has rolled up outside and two men spray the restaurant with bullets. When the gunfire ends, Nucky and Maranzano find themselves alive, but shaken.

1897. Following dinner, Enoch heads to Sheriff Lindsay's home and offers his help with the jobs for the Commodore that "have their own rules." However, Lindsay has no interest in getting Enoch involved, and sends him home. The following morning, Mae Zeller once again drags Enoch under the pier, where he's horrified to discover the corpse of Pat Halligan.

Disturbed by Charlotte's fate, Gillian meets with Dr. Cotton to tell him that she's made a full recovery and wants to work towards being released. However, Dr. Cotton doesn't believe insanity simply disappears. "Malaria, syphilis, tuberculosis, these linger in the tissues," the doctor explains. "They are in the body forever, unless they're rooted out." He promises to find the insanity lingering in Gillian.

Mike 'DAngelo and Frank Wilson brief Van Alden and Eli on their respective murder charges, advising them to cooperate or "see how things look from inside the gas chamber." As every judge in Cook County is in Capone's pocket, they are building a case for tax evasion since Capone can't buy off the IRS. 'DAngelo gives Van Alden and Eli the key to the count room and the safe combination, then tasks them with getting the ledger books. "You both wore badges," 'DAngelo reminds them. "Here's your chance to earn them."

Torrio meets with Luciano and Lansky, where it's revealed that he's offered them counsel. Their meeting is interrupted when Nucky calls with a message for Torrio and the "two pissants" he's conspiring with: He will not rest until he sees the three of them in their graves. Following his call to Torrio, Nucky finally gets ahold of Maxim Ronis, who informs him of Sally's murder. Nucky demands the names of the soldiers responsible, but Ronis tells him there aren't any, and no one will be called to account.

Chalky arrives at a Harlem brownstone, telling the man at the door he's "come to see about a girl." Once out of sight, Chalky slips into an office, gun drawn, expecting to find Narcisse. To his surprise, he finds Daughter Maitland -- and her 7-year-old daughter -- instead.