Boardwalk Empire | Season 5 | Episode 4


TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Terence Winter & Howard Korder & Cristine Chambers
Directed by Jake Paltrow

At the Corner Hotel, the Commodore calls Enoch into his office where he reveals his plans to improve Atlantic City -- including extending the boardwalk and laying down trolley tracks. No longer in need of him during the low season, the Commodore dismisses the boy from his service. The indifferent Commodore instructs Enoch to leave his bellboy uniform at the front desk when he goes.

Extremely hung over, Nucky finally wakes and learns that his flight to Cuba has been canceled due to heavy rain. Nucky checks that the kids are fine and then asks Margaret why she's come. She explains the situation with Carolyn Rothstein, and the widow's plan to sue them both if Nucky doesn't pay restitution.

At Chicago's Lexington Hotel, Al Capone proudly screens a newsreel about "Public Enemy #1": himself. Lucky Luciano, fresh off the train from New York, begs off a second viewing to take a shower and a nap. On his way out, Luciano recognizes Van Alden, asking him if they know each other - former Prohee Van Alden is quick to deny that they do.

Locked out of their house while their parents have sex, Enoch takes Eli out for a cornball. While they sit on the beach, Enoch tells his brother about a bigger, wealthier world -- a world he wants access to. To prove his point, Enoch swipes a key from the deserted Corner Hotel and takes Eli upstairs to revel in the luxury. Their foray doesn't last long; Eli interrupts Enoch while he's soaking in a bath -- they've been caught.

From his office, Nucky calls Sally to let her know he's been "rained" in. He promises to wire the "good faith money" for Maxim Ronis and asks her to deliver it on his behalf. Made aware of the unstable political situation in Cuba, Nucky advises Sally to use her judgment. After they hang up, Nucky is surprised to find Joe Kennedy waiting for him -- and flirting with Margaret. Kennedy explains that he's decided not to partner with him on Bacardi, seeing as how "Scotch and rum don't really mix." He offers to bring Margaret back to New York in his private train car, but sensing Nucky's jealousy, Margaret chooses to stay behind.

Luciano presents Capone with a "taste of home" -- a lead sculpture of the Empire State Building, before propositioning him about the network of Italian gangsters that he and Lansky are building. Mid-pitch, Luciano stops and tells Capone he recognizes the "cigar store Indian" as the Prohee that pinched him and Jimmy Darmody back in 1921. Capone orders Mike 'DAngelo to round up Mueller.

Nucky and Margaret have lunch at Chef Vola's, where their conversation volleys between flirtation and gentle jabs. When Margaret questions whether or not they're having a fight, Nucky assures her that they've had all the fights they're ever going to have, and takes her hand.

Van Alden invents a past for himself but is ordered to his knees by Capone, who shoves a gun in his mouth. Van Alden begs for one more chance to explain himself, and proceeds to remind Capone of their long history. What matters is not whether he's a Fed or a bigamist or a murderer, but Luciano's disrespect of Capone; the outsider is telling Capone what to do. Agreeing, Capone puts his gun away and tells Luciano that he can either rule by fear or by love -- something to keep in mind should he ever be in charge.

Sally picks up the money and brings it to Ronis' home. Upon learning Mrs. Ronis will be traveling, Sally questions Ronis before handing over the payment. He assures her the money will be used to pay for the protection of his sugar cane fields; he's not going anywhere.

After Lindsay squares things away with the Corner Hotel, he brings Enoch and Eli home to join his family for dinner. Enoch is so overwhelmed by the abundant meal and the Lindsay family's affection for each other that he bursts into tears at the table.

Nucky and Margaret stroll along the boardwalk, where Nucky admits he may have had his fill of life in Atlantic City. They flirt some more, and Margaret, tipsy from lunch, kisses him. Confirming he has no plans to kill Carolyn Rothstein, Margaret asks how he plans to deal with her. Nucky explains that Carolyn will take 25 cents on the dollar, the firm will stay afloat, and that Margaret will manage the negotiation, not him. He reminds the skeptical Margaret she's already proved herself capable.

Once Luciano leaves the suite, Capone spits and insults him. His cronies join in on the shit-talking until Capone calls out one of the men, Cenzo, for calling Luciano a "jerk." Capone defends Luciano as Cenzo's terror grows, but then plays it off as a joke. After the suite empties, Capone bludgeons Cenzo with the lead Empire State Building statue. He then calls Nucky to warn him about Luciano.

On her way back to Havana, Sally is stopped at a military roadblock, where she's informed of a newly-imposed curfew. She tries to bribe the captain of the soldiers, but is forced out of her car and relieved of her gun. When the captain learns she's been in Miramar doing business with Ronis, he tells her she's what's wrong with Cuba, and prevents her from getting back in her car. In the struggle, Sally grabs one of the soldier's guns, but is shot dead before she can get away.

Sheriff Lindsay brings Enoch and Eli home, and Enoch asks him if he can put their father in jail, or deal with him as he did Beckert, for beating their mother. Lindsay warns Enoch against such foolishness, but promises to handle Ethan if he complains about where the boys were. Lindsay shakes Enoch's hand and calls him "Deputy Sheriff Thompson."