All In
Boardwalk Empire | Season 4 | Episode 4

All In

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Written by David Matthews
Directed by Ed Bianchi

While making his collections around Chicago, Jake Guzik suffers a heart attack and lands in the hospital. Hymie Weiss shares the news with Dean O'Banion who orders Nelson Van Alden to gather up day-old daisies to deliver to Guzik at the hospital.

In Washington, D.C., Agent Knox gives a presentation to J. Edgar Hoover and his associates about an organized crime syndicate stretching from Chicago to Florida, with Nucky Thompson at its center. Hoover remains doubtful of a nationwide conspiracy, but Knox promises he can deliver the necessary evidence: "I'll find the weakest link in Thompson's chain...and I'll break it."

In Atlantic City, Dunn Purnsley approaches Chalky and asks for time off from the Onyx Club to see his sick mother in Baltimore. Instead, Dunn heads to the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) offices in Harlem and presents Dr. Narcisse with cash from a recent heroin deal. Narcisse sends him away, angry that Dunn ignored his explicit instructions to meet him in Atlantic City with the money.

Hearing from June that Willie has been moping around the house, Eli confronts his son and insists that college isn't about happiness, but about getting an education. Eli softens when Willie explains that he feels like an outsider at Temple. He reminds Willie he's a Thompson and that he needs to make something of himself—if nothing else, it'll make his mother proud.

At the Albatross Hotel, a newly promoted Eddie Kessler is instructed by Nucky to withdraw money from one of the safe deposit boxes he recently opened and meet a "Mr. Brown" at the train station. Eddie meets Mr. Brown, aka Ralph Capone, and ends up accompanying him to dinner. During their meal, Eddie shares his personal history with Ralph, revealing that he went to work for Nucky after his wife died, leaving two grown sons behind in Germany. Having bonded over supper, the two continue the evening at a German speakeasy where Eddie introduces Ralph to his compatriots.

Back in Chicago, Frank and Al Capone reminisce about their days in Brooklyn and decide to finish Jake's collections together. When Van Alden arrives at the hospital with the sorry bouquet from O'Banion, the brothers decide to take him on their rounds.

That evening, Nucky meets with Arnold Rothstein and Meyer Lansky at the Onyx Club, discussing the opportunity to partner up on the Florida land deal. With an operation in Florida, they can get Cuban rum up to Atlantic City and whiskey back down to Florida. But Rothstein is skeptical; just weeks ago Nucky told him he was "satisfied with what he had." He tells Nucky he'll mull it over while playing poker at the Onyx if Nucky joins him: "You never really know a man until you play cards with him."

At Temple, Willie enlists Clayton to help him get revenge on his rival, Henry. They break into a chemistry lab and steal some chemicals that will act as a laxative; they plan to spike Henry's drink with them at a party that night.

Purnsley approaches Narcisse outside the UNIA and apologizes for his earlier behavior. Narcisse accepts, telling him that Chalky White's days are over: Even though he controls the Northside of Atlantic City, he's still working for the white man. Narcisse lectures Purnsley on the importance of uplifting the "Libyan" race. Hoping to prove his worth, Dunn savagely beats a man Narcisse deems a disgrace to his fellow Libyans.

At the Onyx Club, Nucky joins Rothstein's card game. Nucky plays conservatively until Arnold goads him to play like he means it; Nucky wins big when Rothstein misjudges his hand.

After making their collections around town, Frank Capone is surprised to hear about Van Alden's side business in akavit. The brothers promise he can keep it and expand into Cicero if he continues to work with them. Then, the trio stumbles upon one of O'Banion's liquor delivery trucks parked outside of a speakeasy and the Capones decide to steal it, despite Van Alden's protests.

Willie gives Doris the cold shoulder at the party, convinced she was part of his humiliation in the library. While Henry is on the dance floor, Willie slips the laxative into Henry's cup. Later, Willie watches as his rival crumples, defecating on himself in front of everyone at the party. In the morning, Henry is dead, his lifeless body discovered on the bathroom floor of the boys' dorm.

With Rothstein deeply behind at the poker table, Lansky urges him to quit: "Wouldn't it be best if people don't see you like this?" Unnerved by Rothstein's behavior, Nucky withdraws the Florida deal, telling Lansky, "I can't rely on a man so blinded by his obsession with winning." Lansky offers to take Rothstein's place on the Florida deal (along with his partner, Luciano), promising to have the necessary half a million dollars in 48 hours.

Accompanying Al in the stolen truck, Van Alden complains that O'Banion is a jokester who doesn't treat him with respect. Understanding, Al offers him work. Their conversation is interrupted by frantic banging and screaming coming from the back of the truck; it turns out one of O'Banion's men was inside taking a nap. The man recognizes Van Alden and swears he'll keep quiet, but Al warns against letting him go. When Van Alden attempts to kill the potential snitch, his gun jams—and a machine-gun wielding Al gleefully finishes the job. Al and Frank drop Van Alden off at home, but tell him they'll see him in the morning: He will be helping them keep the voters in line for the mayoral election in Cicero.

As dawn breaks, a drunk Eddie bids Ralph farewell for his return to Chicago. Just as he is about to leave the train station, Eddie is stopped by Agents Knox and Selby and taken into custody.