Farewell Daddy Blues
Boardwalk Empire | Season 4 | Episode 12

Farewell Daddy Blues

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Written by Terence Winter and Howard Korder
Directed by Tim Van Patten

Nucky's flirtatious phone call with Sally Wheet gets interrupted when Chalky White and his men lay siege to the Albatross. Pointing his gun at Nucky, Chalky confronts him about Narcisse's takeover and subsequent partnership with Nucky: He wants Narcisse dead, and will stop at nothing to make that happen. Nucky assures him they want the same thing. "Oh, I know you want it now," Chalky snarls.

Richard Harrow testifies in court that he's certain the body Gillian cremated was not Jimmy's: "I fought beside him. You don't forget that." The defense attorney attempts to discredit Harrow's testimony, on the grounds he only has one eye. Gillian, unhinged, shouts that there's no body; she can't be charged with murder without one. As she's led from the courtroom she seethes, "Why does a man get to do anything he wants?"

In Washington D.C., J. Edgar Hoover is surprised with Agent Knox's continued success, though he remains skeptical of an organized criminal conspiracy. Knox takes the opportunity to confront Hoover about their long-standing rivalry and Hoover's wish to see him fail. Ignoring Knox's barb, Hoover suggests Knox start calling him "Director Hoover."

In Chicago, the Capones, Nelson Van Alden and Johnny Torrio discuss the recent attack on the Hawthorne Inn. Torrio is certain it was Hymie Weiss retaliating for O'Banion's murder: "Who else could it be?" Al however, remains unconvinced of that assessment, suspicious of Torrio himself.

At Mickey Doyle's warehouse, Harrow asks Nucky for another favor: the location of Jimmy's body. Without it, Gillian could go free and come back for Tommy out of spite. Harrow promises to do whatever Nucky asks in exchange for a tip from "an anonymous source." The authorities unearth Jimmy's skeleton from its swampy grave, identifying him by the screws in his leg.

With plans set in motion, a conflicted Eli meets with Agents Knox and Selby regarding the meeting between Nucky, Joe Masseria, Meyer Lansky and Vincenzo Petrucelli at the Blenheim Hotel.

Nucky and Dr. Narcisse meet in Mayor Bader's office to discuss the terms of a sit-down between Chalky and Narcisse at the Onyx to straighten out their business. In addition, Nucky tells Narcisse he doesn't care who runs the Onyx, he just wants his percentage, hinting to Narcisse that he doesn't want Chalky to come after him. To entice Narcisse, Nucky informs him that Chalky has Daughter.

After his disastrous testimony, Harrow goes into action, putting Tommy, Julia and Paul Sagorsky on a train to meet his sister Emma at the family farm in Wisconsin. Julia notes Richard's ardent goodbye to Tommy and questions whether he plans to disappear again. To assure her he's a man of his word, Richard sweeps Julia into a passionate kiss, promising to see her in three days.

Back in Chicago, an assassination attempt on Torrio is made outside of his home, leaving his driver dead and Torrio seriously wounded. Before he can make the kill shot, the assailant's gun jams and he flees the scene. Later, Van Alden and the Capones visit Torrio in the hospital. Torrio tells Al their business is a young man's game and that he's ready to get out of his protégé's way. He bequeaths the entire operation to Capone, revealing, "It's Europe for me."

As Agent Knox and his team prep for the big night in an adjoining suite at the hotel, Nucky has Eli meet him at the Albatross. When Eli arrives, Nucky confronts him: He knows that Eli is betraying him. Just as Nucky is about to shoot him, Willie walks in. Eli confesses: Knox is not a Prohee, he is an agent for the Bureau of Investigation and knows Willie killed Henry and Nucky covered it up. Eli pleads he had no choice -- if he didn't comply with Knox, Willie would go to jail. Willie runs off, as Nucky abandons Eli, telling him he can drown in his own mess. Eli rushes home in search of Willie, but finds a furious Knox waiting for him instead. Eli thwarts his attempts to arrest him and the pair struggle violently while June and the children hide upstairs. Fueled by rage, Eli beats Knox into a bloody, lifeless pulp.

Later at the Onyx Club, Chalky meets with Narcisse at a table on the main floor. Surrounded by the patrons, Narcisse asks about Daughter, but Chalky says he doesn't have her. Suddenly, Maybelle is brought out, escorted by one of Narcisse's men—he is using her as leverage to find out Daughter's whereabouts. Upstairs in a small office, holding a rifle is Richard Harrow, who has Narcisse in his scope. Harrow's hands are shaking and he lowers the rifle, composing himself. Raising it again, he has Narcisse in his sights and pulls the trigger... but at the last moment, Maybelle steps into the line of fire—and drops to the table, dead. Pandemonium erupts in the Onyx; shots are fired up at Harrow, and Chalky cradles his dead daughter. Harrow makes his way out of the club, just as federal agents raid the Onyx looking for Eli. Narcisse and his men are brought out in handcuffs, as Chalky escapes. Harrow, badly shot, finds sanctuary under the boardwalk.

With his bags packed, Nucky is seconds away from hopping on a train to see Sally when Agent Selby stops him: Nucky is wanted for questioning on the death of Knox, as well as the whereabouts of Eli.

Meanwhile, Hoover meets with Narcisse in his jail cell and offers him freedom in exchange for ongoing intelligence on Marcus Garvey; otherwise, Knox's murder will be pinned on him.

Nucky meets with Willie and tells him he's in charge of the family now. With June and the children out of danger in Brigantine, they're only to know that Eli is with friends out West and safe from the Feds. When Willie asks if Nucky would have killed his father, Nucky tells him he's not the person Willie thinks he is.

Daughter sings the blues at a small honky tonk in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Van Alden picks up Eli in Chicago, as the two exchange a look of recognition. In jail, Gillian learns Jimmy's body has been found; Richard Harrow, on a train, heads to Wisconsin; Arnold Rothstein welcomes Margaret and her children to her new apartment, and Sally, sits alone in her speakeasy, abandoned by Nucky. Back in Havre de Grace, Chalky sits with Levi and Scrapper on the porch of Oscar's Boneau's house, contemplating everything he's lost.

Richard arrives at his farm in Wisconsin, where waiting for him are Julia, Paul, Tommy, his sister Emma and Hubert. As Emma approaches, Richard's face appears not to be damaged... it is then revealed that Richard is actually still under the boardwalk, dead.