Band Of Brothers | Season 1 | Episode 6


TV-MA | 1 HR 7 MIN

Written by Bruce C. McKenna
Directed by David Leland

In the dead of winter, in the forest outside of Bastogne, Belgium, the men of Easy Company struggle to hold the line alone while fending off frostbite and hunger, having arrived with no winter clothes and little supplies and ammunition. Medic Eugene Roe (Shane Taylor) is overwhelmed, on edge and close to combat exhaustion when he finds friendship with a Belgian nurse. Easy Co. spends a miserable Christmas in the trenches, and receives the news that the German army's demand for surrender was met with Gen. McAuliffe's defiant answer: "Nuts!"

Also featured in "Bastogne" are: Kirk Acevedo (Toye); Doug Allen (More); Philip Barrantini (Sisk); Ben Caplan (Gordon); Doug Cockle (Maloney); Michael Cudlitz (Randleman); Marcos 'DCruze (Domingus); Tony Devlin (Spina); Dale Dye (Sink); Michael Fassbender (Christenson); Dexter Fletcher (Martin); Rick Gomez (Luz); Scott Grimes (Malarkey); Nolan Hemmings (Grant); Frank John Hughes (Guarnere); Lucie Jeanne (LeMaire); Robin Laing (Heffron); Matthew Leitch (Talbert); Damian Lewis (Winters); Ron Livingston (Nixon); James Madio (Perconte); Rocky Marshall (McClung); Tim Matthews (Penkala); Peter McCabe (Hoobler); Ross McCall (Liebgott); Neal McDonough (Compton); Phil McKee (Strayer); David Nicolle (Peacock); Peter O'Meara (Dike); Richard Speight, Jr. (Muck); Donnie Wahlberg (Lipton); Rick Warden (Welsh); and Peter Youngblood Hills (Powers).