Band Of Brothers | Season 1 | Episode 5


TV-MA | 56 MIN

Written by Erik Jendresen
Directed by Tom Hanks

Winters (Damian Lewis) leads a risky mission on a Dutch dike, resulting in a resounding victory, for which he is promoted to Battalion Executive Officer. Dissatisfied with his new, largely administrative job, Winters is concerned about the leadership of the three companies he now commands. After a weekend pass to Paris, news arrives of a massive Axis effort in the Ardennes Forest, threatening to break the Allied lines. Easy Co. races in to hold the line, ill-equipped for the bitterly cold weather and the entrenched battle ahead.

Also featured in "Crossroads" are: Nicholas Aaron (Wynn); Kirk Acevedo (Toye); Doug Allen (More); Eion Bailey (Webster); Philip Barrantini (Sisk); George Calil (Alley); Ben Caplan (Gordon); Michael Cudlitz (Randleman); Dale Dye (Sink); Jimmy Fallon (Rice); Michael Fassbender (Christenson); Dexter Fletcher (Martin); Rick Gomez (Luz); Scott Grimes (Malarkey); Craig Heaney (Cobb); Nigel Hoyle (Boyle); Mark Huberman (Hashey); Frank John Hughes (Guarnere); Robin Laing (Heffron); Mark Lawrence (Dukeman); Matthew Leitch (Talbert); John Light (Dobey); Ron Livingston (Nixon); James Madio (Perconte); Tim Matthews (Penkala); Peter McCabe (Hoobler); Ross McCall (Liebgott); Stephen McCole (Heyliger); Neal McDonough (Compton); Phil McKee (Strayer); Rene L. Moreno (Ramirez); David Nicolle (Peacock); Peter O'Meara (Dike); Luke Roberts (Suerth); Simon Schatzberger (Lesniewski); Douglas Spain (Garcia); Richard Speight, Jr. (Muck); Shane Taylor (Roe); Donnie Wahlberg (Lipton); and Rick Warden (Welsh).