Band Of Brothers | Season 1 | Episode 4


TV-MA | 1 HR 0 MIN

Written by Graham Yost and Bruce C. McKenna
Directed by David Nutter.

Due to heavy casualties, a group of fresh paratrooper replacements joins Easy Co. in time for a massive drop into German-occupied Holland for Operation Market-Garden. While met with no resistance in Eindhoven, Easy and a cluster of British tanks are repelled from a nearby town by a superior German force, sustaining many casualties as they retreat. The Allied plan to enter Germany through Holland and end the war before Christmas fails.

Featured in "Replacements" are: Nicholas Aaron (Wynn); Kirk Acevedo (Toye); Doug Allen (More); Eion Bailey (Webster); Philip Barrantini (Sisk); George Calil (Alley); Ben Caplan (Gordon); Michael Cudlitz (Randleman); Dexter Fletcher (Martin); Ezra Godden (van Klinken); Rick Gomez (Luz); Scott Grimes (Malarkey); Craig Heaney (Cobb); Nolan Hemmings (Grant); Mark Huberman (Hashey); Frank John Hughes (Guarnere); Robin Laing (Heffron); Mark Lawrence (Dukeman); Matthew Leitch (Talbert); Damian Lewis (Winters); Ron Livingston (Nixon); James Madio (Perconte); Tim Matthews (Penkala); Peter McCabe (Hoobler); Neal McDonough (Compton); Rene L. Moreno (Ramirez); David Schwimmer (Sobel); Douglas Spain (Garcia); Richard Speight, Jr. (Muck); Shane Taylor (Roe); Donnie Wahlberg (Lipton); Rick Warden (Welsh); and Peter Youngblood Hills (Powers).