The SopranosThe Sopranos

S1 Ep 11: Nobody Knows Anything

Written by Frank Renzulli
Directed by Henry Bronchtein

Somebody's wearing a wire.

That's the news Vin Makazian had for Tony: New Jersey's got a rat. And it got worse. Makazian claimed the rat is one of Tony's oldest and most trusted friends: Pussy Bonpensiero.

Was it possible? These are the facts:

Should be this: Pussy was busted, along with Jimmy Altieri, in a raid on Jimmy's social club. He tried to run away, and only succeeded in throwing out his back. Since his wife bailed him out, all Pussy's been doing is popping pain pills like M & M's and napping in his La-Z-Boy. He didn't even make his rounds anymore. And with all those tuition bills for his kids - the last place Pussy would want to go is prison. But would he really rat out his fellow "cugines"?

That's what Tony wanted to know. So he told Paulie to check Pussy for a wire, and if--and only if - he saw it with his own eyes was Paulie to take the next step.

Meanwhile, it turned out Makazian was into Pussy for 30 large. But before Tony found out whether that's his motive for fingering the big guy, Makazian got busted at a bordello and committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. So who's going to solve this dilemma for Tony?

Jimmy Altieri, that's who. He showed up at Tony and Carmela's, suddenly needing to talk to Tony - alone - about the safehouse hit. He couldn't have been more obvious if he'd been sporting antennae.

So the news is good - Pussy's not the rat, Altieri is. The only problem is, Pussy disappeared.

Well, not the only problem:

Junior put a contract out on Tony.