S2 Ep 2: Vaulter

Written by Jon Brown; Directed by Andrij Parekh

In "Vaulter," Roman and Kendall do a "routine health check" of new media brand Vaulter. Meanwhile, at ATN, Tom tasks Greg with sniffing out waste as Greg wonders if the divisive media outlet is the right fit for him. Connor and Willa host a soiree to mark their return to New York and Shiv brings Tom into the loop about her future at Waystar and with Gil's campaign.

Inside the Episode

Executive Producer Jesse Armstrong digs into Kendall's state of mind as he returns to work and casting Jeannie Berlin as the head of ATN and a formidable opponent to Tom.


In "Vaulter," Shiv weighs her options between Waystar Royco and Gil’s campaign, while Roman and Kendall disagree on how to proceed with uncooperative new media company Vaulter.

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