S2 Ep 7: Return

Written by Jonathan Glatzer; Directed by Becky Martin

When Kendall and Roman are sent to the UK to negotiate with their mother, Caroline, an uninvited Shiv shows up to get answers from her father, who has been dodging her. Rhea’s continued presence raises eyebrows amongst the Roy kids, as Logan seeks her counsel. Later, Kendall is forced to confront what happened last time he was in the UK. Back in New York, Tom encounters unexpected pressure during an internal investigation and Greg goes to great lengths to protect himself.

Inside the Episode

Executive Producer Jesse Armstrong talks about bringing Kendall's Season 1 tragedy back into the story and the complicated relationships between Tom and Greg and Logan and Rhea.


In "Return," the Roys head to the UK, where Roman and Shiv try to strike a deal with their mother and Logan and Kendall face the consequences of their last visit.

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