Third Party Insourcing
Silicon Valley | Season 1 | Episode 6

Third Party Insourcing

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Dan O'Keefe
Directed by Alec Berg

Richard is at the doctor for anxiety, caused largely by his efforts to get Pied Piper done before Tech Crunch Disrupt. The doctor says that Richard has aged 40 years in the last seven weeks. Jared and Erlich suggest to him that they bring in some outside help. Richard balks the suggestion, but Jared wants to bring in a young programmer, known as The Carver, whose cloud architecture is supposed to be "insane."

Jared, Erlich, Richard, and Dinesh go to visit The Carver, who comes off as rather entitled. He says he thought Richard would have been younger. The Carver -- whose name is actually Kevin -- says he can build Pied Piper's entire cloud architecture in two days. The Carver agrees to come do the work over the weekend.

Gilfoyle's girlfriend Tara is in town and staying at the Hacker Hostel. Dinesh seems unsettled by the "strange energy" that a girl brings to the house, but one thing is clear: All the guys think Tara is hot.

The Carver comes to the Hacker Hostel and starts working, while Tara stalks around as a distraction. Dinesh thinks that Tara whispered something to Gilfoyle about him, and Gilfoyle tells Dinesh that Tara is attracted to him-- and that he's allowed to have sex with her if he wants.

After a meeting at Peter Gregory's, Jared takes a ride home in the mogul's driverless car. In what seems to be a glitch, the car unexpectedly makes a U-turn and says it's taking Jared more than 4,000 miles away to Peter Gregory's private island called Arallon. The car drives itself into a shipping unit with Jared inside and heads off to Arallon on a huge ship.

The Carver continues to work on Pied Piper, which drives Richard nuts. Richard finally asks The Carver for help with data replication, the project he's working on. Richard goes out to get some snacks and when he comes back The Carver is under the table muttering that he "did it again." As Richard puts it to Dinesh: "The Carver just carved up our entire platform." Richard is beating himself up for letting The Carver screw up the system, and the rest of the guys seethe about it, too.

Richard works with Kevin to fix the system, but the kid can't focus because he doesn't have any aderall. Jared was supposed to be getting the kid some pills, but no one knows where Jared is. The Carver then admits he can only code for 48 hours straight because he's on adderall. Richard approaches some kids on the street to see if he can buy adderall from them for $50. The Carver says that the pills Richard bought, in fact, aren't adderall, and Richard confronts the kids about the mixup. The kid who sold him the drugs slaps him and tells him to "get the f*ck out of here."

Richard tells Erlich what happened with the kids, and in retaliation, Erlich goes out to the street and slaps the boy and throws his bike in a bush. Erlich demands five aderall pills, and the kid runs off to get the pills.

Diensh approaches Tara to talk about her desire to sleep with him. She seems flabbergasted by what he's saying, and Gilfoyle admits that he did tell Dinesh that as a joke when he was high. Dinesh is embarrassed, and Tara calls Dinesh "adorable."

With the help of Kevin, Richard stabilizes the system and tells the kid to never tell anyone he worked for Pied Piper.

Finally, after days of travel, Jared arrives in Arallon, far out in the middle of the ocean.