Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji and Jay Ellis Set Up Insecure Season 2 at ABFF

Insecure co-creator and star Issa Rae, along with co-stars Yvonne Orji (Molly Carter) and Jay Ellis (Lawrence Walker), joined moderator Bevy Smith on stage after the ABFF screening of the season premiere. Here’s what they shared about what’s to come for the Golden Globe-nominated comedy series.

Expect this season to be hella real.

Issa Rae: “One of our biggest fears concerning Season 2 was pressure to go bigger, harder and crazier. But at the end of the day, we’re a show about regular people. For me, it was about combating that fear and making sure whatever we did felt like it could happen to these characters in real life. We want to make a great season, but you’re not going to see crazy plot twists and turns -- you’re going to see very, very real stories play out.”

Molly is in the middle of an evolution.

Yvonne Orji: “Molly is a beautiful mess and in Season 2 she’s going to discover how to get help. She’s trying, but, as we saw in Season 1, she gets in her way a lot. So maybe she’ll figure it out this season, maybe she won’t. But it’s a start!”

Lawrence is a bit “lost” -- and that’s OK.

Jay Ellis: “What we see in Season 2 premiere is something that would happen in real life. I don’t know if Lawrence is a fake-nice guy as much as he’s lost. When you’ve been in a relationship for awhile and something like [cheating] happens, you don’t know which way to go -- and your feelings are all over the place. As men, we don’t necessarily use our words so we stay confused and in our heads -- and I think that’s what’s happening to Lawrence.”