Real as F**k Recap

On the last episode of Insecure, Lawrence had seen a text from Daniel to Issa asking her if she’ll continue to ignore him. And Molly dumped Jared for the fact that he had a sexual encounter with a man when he was 20. Let’s talk about episode 7!

Dumb - Molly goes with Issa to help her pick out a new dress to rock for the WE GOT YALL fundraiser. Issa says she is on a new path, where “I don’t need to be Miss No F*cks. I am now Miss Give All the F*cks... I’m done doing dumb sh*t.” And then she walks out the dressing room wearing a dress backwards. Baby steps, I guess.

Anxiety - At home, Lawrence can’t sleep. When Issa’s alarm goes off and she wakes up, he is looking worried because of his interview but his girl handles it with a trail of kisses that will end up mid-waist. OWWW!! Get your man’s head together!

Molly runs into an old friend and ratchet buddy, Crystal. Homegirl raves about how good she’s been feeling because of her therapist, and Molly looks uncomfortable. Therapy, huh? It is clear that she considers it TMI and beneath her. She’s too busy judging to really hear her friend’s happiness.

Employed Ethan - Lawrence shows up to his job interview with a fresh cut and a nice suit (HEY, BOO) and KILLS IT. They offer him the job on the spot and he gets home, telling Issa immediately. Our boy done grown up and got him a good job! Issa is so proud of him, and then Lawrence starts to wonder out loud whether he should take the job or work on finishing the development of his own app. Our girl is not having it. She tells him to accept the job and work on his project at night.

Shade - The WE GOT Y’ALL staff is getting ready for the fundraiser, and marveling about how nice Baldwin Hills is. Because gentrification has moved in. In comes Molly, who tells Issa that she ran into their old RA, Crystal. She snarks about how she’s in therapy now and they both cackle but Issa asks her friend if it’s working cuz lowkey (no, highkey), her bestie might benefit from laying on someone’s couch. Molly gets butthurt at the insinuation and their conversation is cut short.

Popping - The fundraiser kicks off and it’s going well, as the kids that WE GOT Y’ALL supports show up. Issa is rocking this noice “lemme get your money” dress, and her girls (Kelly and Tiffany) are there supporting too. Meanwhile, Molly is saltier than the ocean, complaining about the lack of dudes and the bartender. Lawrence shows up all suited and booted, looking as good as he wants to look. He tells the squad that he got a new job!

Drama - Right then, Frieda the coworker grabs Issa to come meet a donor (who, btw, is played by her real life mama. Hey cameo!), she looks up at the balcony and sees Daniel. GAHTDAMBIT. Look at the devil at work. Molly sees him too and walks up to him to remind him to keep his presence there strictly about the kids. Come thru, BFF duty! Downstairs, Issa rushes away from the donor and grabs Daniel. You gotta go, bruh. He is swimming in his feelings, cuz it’s been three weeks since they made the sex in the studio and she ghosted him. She tells him “you were just an itch I needed to scratch.” Ouch. My feelings got hurt by proxy. That was savage! Daniel walks away, cuz his ego just got a papercut. Off to the side of the balcony, watching it all go down, is Lawrence. He doesn’t hear them but he sees something there. And I straight yelled “SH*T.” Like… NAWL. Also, why do people have these types of convos out in public where anyone can sip their tea along with them? Come on, Issa. Rookie mistake.

Issa tells Molly that Daniel is gone, when one of her coworkers, Justin, comes up. He’s a cute Asian dude and he remembers Molly from career day. He is clearly flirting with her and she is not having it. She shuts his drink offer down so icily that I wonder if his eyelashes got snowflakes on them. When he walks away, Issa is looks at her like she got 2 heads, and Molly says he was being thirsty. Ma’am, he was giving you a compliment. See? This is why she can’t have nice things. Like: healthy baehood. I worry about her sometimes.

Too real - Daniel is standing outside the house when Lawrence walks up to him. After the most awkward silence, Lawrence asks him how he is connected WE GOT Y’ALL’s work. Old bae admits he isn’t and gets in his car. F*CK. At the back of the house, Issa sees Molly drinking by herself and asks what’s wrong. And it all goes to shit. The besties know each other’s’ Achilles heels and they definitely go for them. Molly’s man problems are stemming from her, not them. “Too thirsty. Too distant. Too gay.” She can’t ever find a right man because she always finds issue with them. But Issa’s old boo came to confront her at her work party as her long time boo is feet away. “You [slept with] another man when your man was fixing things for you. B*tch you don’t even deserve Lawrence.” And with that, I wanted to pack my duffel and close the piano. It just got hella real. Issa’s response: “Are you mad that I can actually keep a nigga?” Shit.

Well, at least the fundraiser is going well. The kids get on the stage to say some words as the night winds down. They thank Issa for her hard work and the place applauds her. When the fundraiser is over and they’re cleaning up. Issa’s boss gives her props on a job well done.

Molly leaves the party after her argument with Issa and ends up on Jared’s doorstep. Because what is shame for her? When he opens up, the apology she thinks she’s giving is insulting as hell. She says she shoulda just dealt with him by lowering her standards. I facepalmed. Molly, that ain’t how that’s supposed to go. Ol’ Couthless Cathy face. Jesus surely ain’t done with her yet. Jared is rightfully offended and closes the door on her face. Welp.

All falls down - When our girl gets home with her congratulatory bottle of champagne, Lawrence is waiting on the couch for her. His first words? “Who is Daniel?” She’s stammering like a scratched CD when he gets right to it and asks “Did you [sleep with] him?” I started sweating like all my bills were due and my PayPal was still waiting on invoice payment on her behalf.

Her inability to say NO was all the confirmation he needed. Lawrence flips the hell out. All his cool goes out the window. He dropkicks their table, grabs his keys to leave and she blocks the door. The rage in his face tells her she needs to move though, and when she does, he storms out. She slides to the ground sobbing.

BRUH. BRO. YO. What is we gon do? Really and truly? First there’s Molly, acting like therapy is a curse word. And you know what? She needs it above everyone else. Her laughing it off is serious avoidance. Like when someone gets a bomb ass haircut, reminding you that your bangs need a trim but you don’t wanna admit it. Because you’re really attached to your bangs. Molly is attached to her baggage. She takes it everywhere with her, like a designer bag. She constantly self-sabotages, yet she laughs the idea of therapy off. Bless her.

And Issa thinks her friend is the only one who lacks self-awareness. She’s pretty terrible about owning up to her own mistakes. She keeps walking around like life is happening TO her, instead of seeing that the consequences she gets are direct results of her own action. By sleeping with Daniel, she self-sabotaged too, and she can’t even explain it. The immediate regret was proof of that.

My goal for Issa and Molly is for them to be happy in love at the same time.

One more episode to go and I already miss them.

— Luvvie Ajayi