Lisa Joyce Is Eager to Chat About Overeager Frieda

  • What drew you to the role of Frieda?

  • My sister works in education and I have friends who work in the nonprofit world, so I had a little window into that culture through them and the characters they would tell me about. I thought I had an understanding of who Frieda might be, and what I could do with her.

  • Is it challenging to keep her realistic amidst the comedy?

  • The writers were wonderfully generous with her; she?s not just this dumb, white, clown saying offensive things left and right. They gave her a little more complexity, and show her growing and understanding new things. For me the comedy comes out of grounding it in trying to make friends and work well with Issa?s character, and connect with the kids. Those are very real things we all go through -- trying to connect with people we might not have a lot in common with but really admire or like. So she?s someone we can relate to and doesn?t feel like a one-dimensional joke.

  • Is working at We Got Y?all Frieda?s ideal job?

  • She really does care about kids, and wants to make the world a better place, so I think right now this is exactly where she wants to be. But she?s so goofy: I could see her running a magic shop in the Catskills or something in 30 years.