Insecure’s show within a show, Kev’yn, immediately caught the attention of fans when it appeared on screen during the Season 3. The “rebooted ‘90s sitcom” was a goldmine of jokes, one that Insecure’s writers rooms needed more time to explore than during the episodes. Written by staff writers Syreeta Singleton, Nicole Bilbrew and Kindsey Young, and featuring showrunner Prentice Penny as the reboot’s Lil’ Chris, the sharp, topical videos gave the writers freedom to explore their ‘90s nostalgia and unique comedic voices. Insecure’s rabid fans and press ate it up.

Opening Credits

From the 90's to today, Kev'yn gives its original opening a modern spin.

"The Original"

After agreeing to switch gender roles for a day, Kev'yn and Percy realize being a woman isn't a slice of cake. Check out one of the original episodes of Kev'yn.


“Colin Kaepernicca” / “Black Wives Matter”

Kev'yn and Yolanda go overboard when exercising their right to protest on current social issues.

“Kev’yn, Forever”

Kev'yn and Yolanda invite their new, white neighbors over for a special gentrification feast.

“Repass the Chicken”

Kev'yn hosts a funeral for a close friend in the living room.


Due to recent developments in pop culture, Kev'yn struggles with adjusting his normal routine.