Sunil -- Week Six
In Treatment | Season 3 | Episode 21

Sunil -- Week Six

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Julia arrives for Sunil's session and asks to speak with Paul. She has a bandage on her arm and recounts how Sunil pushed her and she fell onto a nail, right in front of the children. In Julia's view, there has been a sharp decline in Sunil's behavior since he started treatment and she is terminating Sunil's therapy with Paul; this will be his last session. Though she does have some compassion for Sunil, his behavior makes her feel uncomfortable, even threatened. After Julia leaves, Sunil offers his version of the incident. He had been teaching the children a Bengali folk song when Julia demanded he stop. In the ensuing argument, Sunil "pushed past her," accidentally causing her injury. Paul stresses the need to continue therapy, even offering to take Sunil on pro bono. Not wanting to be a charity case, Sunil considers returning for a final session, which Julia had already paid for. He takes out a broken cricket bat that he found the night after the fight and asks Paul to hold on to it for safekeeping. With Arun going on another trip the upcoming weekend, Sunil worries about Julia getting together with Ethan Barr. He insists that Paul take the bat and describes in disturbing detail the steps he could take to enter Julia's study undetected. When Sunil once again evades Paul's questioning about his plans, Paul snaps at him. He needs to know if Sunil is a dangerous person, if he harmed Malini, if he's capable of harming Julia. Paul demands that if Sunil has any thought of harming Julia, he call Paul instead. Sunil agrees to let Paul help him one final time.

Sunil -- Week Seven
25.Sunil -- Week Seven

Paul is blindsided by a revelation regarding Sunil's therapy.