Adele -- Week Three
In Treatment | Season 3 | Episode 12

Adele -- Week Three

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Getting ready for to go to a rock concert with his father, Max comes across the Parkinson's sites in the search history on Paul's computer. During Paul's session with Adele, he has a blinding headache and she refuses to provide him with any aspirin. When Adele asks Paul about his family life, he instead answers about his patients. She calls him out on this, and Paul notes bitterly that's the same judgment Gina used to make. When he seeks Adele's opinion about whether he should continue to treat Jesse when he finds himself siding with his mother, she refuses to answer the question, stating it would put her in the role of Paul's supervisor. She steers the conversation back towards Max, since Paul mentioned his son had repeatedly checked on him during the concert. Finally Paul reveals that Max discovered the Parkinson's links. After the show, Paul had a few drinks and slept straight through the night until Max woke him up the next morning. Picking up that this is the first time Paul has slept well in months, Adele wonders if it's because Max is starting to take care of him. Paul is distressed at her observation, even more so when she suggests Paul may have a pattern of proving himself incapable so that others will care for him, particularly Gina.

Sunil -- Week Seven
25.Sunil -- Week Seven

Paul is blindsided by a revelation regarding Sunil's therapy.