Jesse -- Week Three
In Treatment | Season 3 | Episode 11

Jesse -- Week Three

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Jesse brings his adoptive mother Marisa into his session on what he says was Paul's request. His face is bruised and Marisa explains that he's been suspended from school after his involvement in a fight on a class trip. Jesse recounts in graphic detail a tryst with Nate in the men's bathroom of the Whitney museum, which ended when Jesse lied to and insulted Nate, who in turn punched him in the face. Throughout the story, Paul observes the obscenely rude way Jesse interacts with his mother. Finally, Paul snaps at him and Jesse settles down. It becomes clear that Jesse wants Paul to tell Marisa about the call from Karen, his birth mother, but Paul refuses to take the bait. Eventually, Jesse blurts it out and a devastated Marisa excuses herself from the session, leaving Jesse to stew in his anger. After he calms down, Jesse remembers a day at the beach when he befriended two older boys. He had included pictures of them in a family tree project at school, until Marisa asked him to remove them. After that incident, Jesse felt his father Roberto grow more distant. Paul suggests the issue with Jesse's parents isn't that they don't love him, as he claims, but that they just don't know how to relate to him. Jesse imagines that Marisa has left the session to go to church, but when he opens the door to leave, he finds her sitting outside, waiting for him.

Sunil -- Week Seven
25.Sunil -- Week Seven

Paul is blindsided by a revelation regarding Sunil's therapy.