Frances -- Week One
In Treatment | Season 3 | Episode 2

Frances -- Week One

TV-MA | 25 MIN

An actress begins therapy to uncover why she is "blanking out" during rehearsals for a new play.

Sunil -- Week One
1.Sunil -- Week One

A retired math professor from Bengal reluctantly visits Paul to discuss his wife's death six months earlier.

Jesse -- Week Two
7.Jesse -- Week Two

Paul addresses Jesse's reluctance to get in touch with his long-lost birth mother.

Sunil -- Week Three
9.Sunil -- Week Three

Recounting his first impressions of Julia, Sunil becomes defensive when Paul suggests he may be jealous of Arun's choices.

Jesse -- Week Three
11.Jesse -- Week Three

Paul tries to generate a dialogue between Jesse and his mother Marisa, who has joined him at the session.

Adele -- Week Three
12.Adele -- Week Three

Paul explores his fears of losing Max to a stepfather.

Jesse -- Week Four
15.Jesse -- Week Four

Paul breaks through with Jesse about his desire to connect with his birth parents.

Sunil -- Week Seven
25.Sunil -- Week Seven

Paul is blindsided by a revelation regarding Sunil's therapy.