Big in Japan
How To Make It In America | Season 1 | Episode 5

Big in Japan

TV-MA | 24 MIN

Written by Arty Nelson & Donal Lardner Ward and Rob Weiss
Directed by Joshua Marston

Ben and Cam run into denim entrepreneur (and old tagging pal) Pete Powell in town for business and Cam pushes Pete to hook them up with his Japanese buyer Haraki. But when their sample turns out to be an over-designed bust, Ben refuses to go to the meeting.

After Darren is threatened by Ben's birthday gift of Cheez Doodles, Edie urges Rachel to prove to her new beau that she's moved on. Rachel invites Darren to have sex in the Cloisters to make him feel special, but he suggests they do Ecstasy instead. Dancing at a club he tells Rachel he loves her - and then kisses a guy.

Rene tracks down his cousin Tito to retrieve the bag of cash he had him stash while he was in jail. But Tito and his wife Gloria have split and Tito says the cash is in her basement, Sneaking in, they discover that her basement has been turned into a beauty parlor - and the money is gone. Gloria throws them out, after informing that Rene's cousin Flaco did the renovation. Rene is even more convinced his cousin took his $100k when Flaco drives by in a new sportscar.

Cam keeps the appointment with Haraki and Ben shows up at the last minute. The jeans are a bust, but Haraki likes the vintage T Ben is wearing - something he designed in high school - and orders 300.