Turnips…North Day…Yes, Yes.
Getting On | Season 2 | Episode 3

Turnips…North Day…Yes, Yes.

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer
Directed by
Becky Martin

As Dawn arrives for her shift, she wheels in a cello that she bought earlier and plans to play for her child while in the womb. She announces to DiDi that she and Patsy have a 12-week check-up later that day.

Mrs. Ellen Weller calls in DiDi, demanding to know why she's in the hospital. DiDi explains she's in for a heart valve repair, but when Mrs. Weller grows increasingly agitated and resistant, DiDi promises no procedure will be forced on her.

Dawn and Patsy discover that a virus has shut down the entire computer network at Billy Barnes. She and Patsy address the staff on how to proceed in an analog, "old school" fashion.

Arlene Willy-Weller confronts DiDi about the conflicting information she's gotten regarding the health of her mother-in-law Ellen. Dr. Paul Stickley arrives in a huff; DiDi cancelled Mrs. Weller's heart surgery and informed him via sticky note because of the downed system. He berates DiDi in front of Arlene until Dr. James arrives and reminds Stickley that Ellen has extensive lung tumors that would have precluded his procedure anyway. To help Arlene make a decision on her mother-in-law's care, Dr. James calls a "Goals of Care" meeting for later in the day.

Dr. James addresses the hospital committee about her "aggressive hospice" program and attempts to earmark the revenue it's generating for her research and mouse hospital (which she's set up in the abandoned neo-natal unit). The committee, completely bored, barely listens as Jenna describes the aims of her research until, in her excitement, she accidentally spills hot coffee into Dr. Stickley's lap.

One of Dr. James' residents, Dr. Cesario, asks for Dawn's assistance in setting up a penicillin drip for a patient. Dawn explains that the system is down and they don't have access to the patient files, so she won't allow him to proceed because the patient's allergies are unknown. In the face of Dawn's steadfast refusal, Dr. Cesario storms off to find Dr. James, who confronts Dawn, believing that Dr. Cesario had performed a skin text to confirm the absence of allergies. When Dr. Cesario admits that he didn't run the test, Dr. James reprimands him in the hall loudly. A vindicated Dawn sits within listening distance and enjoys a snack.

At Ellen Weller's Goals of Care meeting, Ellen's team of doctors fill Arlene in on a menu of proposed procedures. However, they're unable to give clear answers about survival rates or whether Ellen should elect one procedure over another. Later, Arlene comes clean to Ellen about her son being dead and tells her that there will be no more surgeries -- Ellen is going home.

Dawn and goes to her 12-week appointment with Patsy where the doctor informs her that she is not pregnant -- she has a blighted ovum. "If your womb were a house," the doctor explains, "it would be fully furnished...everything you need for a life, except there is no life." Dawn returns to the ward and sets up her cello. The patients and staff all pause to listen to her play.

Dr. James calls Suzi Sasso to discuss getting more hospice suites at Billy Barnes. She's delighted to learn that any open bed -- in Billy Barnes or the entire Mount Palms hospital -- can be converted into a hospice bed.