Winner of 3 Emmys

From creators Ed Burns and David Simon (The Wire), this seven-part miniseries focuses on the first 40 days of the war in Iraq, as told by an elite group of U.S. Marines.

The Endurance of Gen Kill

Ten years after its debut, the series remains timely as ever.

David Simon on What Gen Kill Got Right

Simon discusses its enduring wisdom and shares his memories.

10 Years Later Alexander Skarsgård Is Still 'Frosty'

The actor known for True Blood and Big Little Lies reflects on the miniseries that started it all for him.

Iraqi refugees walk past Brad Colbert and marine unit
How the Series Defies Expectations

The series defies the rules of the genre, presenting the realities of modern-day combat in sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, but always unexpected fashion.

Marine humvee in city street
Getting the Little Things Right

A Marine who took part in the invasion depicted in the miniseries shares just how accurate the show is.

Start From the Beginning

Marines in Kuwait awaiting orders to invade Iraq are joined by a writer from Rolling Stone, in the first episode, "Get Some."

“Grippingly powerful.”

— The Washington Post

David Simon and His Crew Celebrate 20 Years of Storytelling

Simon and some of his favorite collaborators were at ATX Festival to share insight into the production company behind The Wire, The Deuce and more.

Alexa Fogel Talks Casting Oz, The Wire and Other HBO Favorites

The casting director looks back on memorable auditions, and reveals which role was the toughest to fill.

What David Simon and George Pelecanos Want You to Know About Their Shows

For stories about real cities and people, look no further than these series from the team behind The Wire.

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