The Queen's Justice
Game of Thrones | Season 7 | Episode 3

The Queen's Justice

TV-MA | 1 HR 2 MIN

Written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss

Directed by Mark Mylod

Jon Snow, Ser Davos and their armed guard arrive on the shores of Dragonstone. Jon and Tyrion greet each other warmly, but the Northerners hesitate when asked to hand over their weapons. Davos, struck by Missandei, comments Dragonstone has indeed changed.

Tyrion asks after Sansa, though assures Jon that their marriage was an unconsummated sham. After Jon and his men take cover when Rhaegal flies past, Tyrion gestures to the castle ahead: "Their mother's waiting for you."

On a bluff overhead, Varys questions Melisandre about the distance she's keeping from Jon. She replies they did not part on the best terms and she plans to head to Volantis. Varys insinuates the Red Priestess may not be safe in Westeros, but Melisandre promises she will return, as she has to die in the "strange country" just like the Spider. Looking at the sea, Varys spies a single Greyjoy ship slowly sailing into harbor.

Introductions are made in the Dragonstone throne room. Although Jon's title is not as grand as Dany's, Davos reminds the Dragon Queen that Jon should still be addressed as "your grace." Daenerys and Jon debate the validity of the oath of loyalty sworn by Torrhen Stark, the last King in the North; Jon argues it was nullified when the last Targaryen burnt his grandfather and uncle alive. He is surprised when Dany asks for forgiveness on behalf of her father's crimes, and he acknowledges she is not to blame for the Mad King's mistakes just as he is not beholden to his ancestor's vows. He explains he has come to band together to fight the greater enemy -- not Cersei, but the Army of the Dead.

Although Tyrion vouches for Jon's trustworthiness and sanity, Dany remains focused on her goal: to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Impressed but unshaken, Jon tells her she'll be ruling a graveyard. Davos rationalizes the same destiny that returned Daenerys to Westeros was the one that made Jon King in the North, but Jon stops his Hand from revealing his resurrection. Tyrion presses Jon to bend the knee, and when he refuses, Dany interprets it as an act of rebellion. After Varys enters with private information, she dismisses her guest, carefully stating he is not her prisoner "yet."

Varys informs Dany the majority of the Greyjoy ships have been sunk or captured, and Ellaria, the Sand Snakes and the Greyjoys are all most likely dead or captured.

Theon, shivering and wet, is hauled onto an Ironbon ship. He claims he failed in his attempt to save Yara, but his men don't believe him and turn away, disgusted.

Euron rides through King's Landing, triumphantly dragging Yara, Ellaria and Tyene behind him. He presents Ellaria and her daughter to Cersei; Ellaria stares at the Mountain, shocked to see him alive. Euron is eager to claim Cersei's hand, but the queen agrees to give him what he wants, "when the war is won." Openly mocked by Euron, Jaime struggles to restrain himself.

Ellaria and Tyene are chained in the Red Keep dungeon as Cersei circles their cell, reminding her of Oberyn and Myrcella. Taunting Ellaria, Cersei kisses Tyene on the mouth, then wipes off her lipstick and drinks from a vial. Tyene, realizing what's happened, cries out, as her mother, gagged, looks on in horror. Cersei tells Ellaria she will remain alive to watch her daughter die and her body waste away. Mother and daughter move to one another, but their chains keep them inches apart, unable to touch.

In Cersei's bedchamber, Jaime massages the stump on his right arm. The queen enters, and, no longer bothered by Jaime's injury, kisses him passionately. Removing Jaime's pants, Cersei sinks to her knees. At dawn, Cersei's handmaiden knocks on the bedchamber door to announce a visitor from Braavos. Jaime is worried about being seen in his sister's bed but, smiling at her brother, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms says matter-of-factly, "I'll do as I please." Cersei opens the door wide enough for the girl to see Jaime.

Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank sits in the Small Council chamber, looking to discuss the Lannister debt and future investments with Cersei. Cersei pointedly asks how the Iron Bank is profiting now that Daenerys has ended slavery. Inviting Tycho to stay for a fortnight, she promises her debt will soon be paid in full.

Both brooding, Jon and Tyrion look over the cliffs at Dragonstone. Jon cannot fathom why the coming threat in the North is being ignored, and although Tyrion claims to believe him, the Queen's Hand is dealing with a missing fleet and dead allies. He suggests Jon ask for something more reasonable.

In the Dragonstone map room, Tyrion convinces Daenerys that allowing Jon to mine for dragonglass might help create a much needed new alliance. Daenerys grants Jon his request while the two watch Viserion and Rhaegal fly over Dragonstone.

Evaluating Winterfell's needs for winter with Littlefinger, Lord Royce and Maester Wolkan, Sansa proves herself a smart and perceptive leader. Alone with Lady Stark, Littlefinger suggests she not focus on one battle, but consider every possibility so she is never surprised. A guard interrupts to call Sansa to the main gate. Crossing the courtyard, Sansa sees Bran Stark and Meera Reed. Sansa rushes to hug her brother, unaware of the blank expression on Bran's face.

The newly reunited siblings sit in the godswood. Bran attempts to explain he can never be Lord of Winterfell: He is the Three-Eyed Raven, and although he can see everything, he must learn to see better. Puzzled, Sansa's unease escalates when Bran looks around and comments how beautiful she looked in her white wedding dress.

Archmaester Ebrose examines Jorah, who claims he "just started feeling better" thanks to rest and the climate. Unconvinced by Jorah's excuses, but seeing the infection is no longer active, Ebrose informs Jorah he is free to go. That evening, Ebrose reprimands Sam for not doing as he was told and endangering everyone in the Citadel, then commends him for saving a man's life. Sam is disappointed to receive a new tedious task, copying disintegrating manuscripts and scrolls.

Looking over the map table in Dragonstone, Varys informs Daenerys without Ellaria Sand, Dorne will "descend into chaos." Tyrion tells his queen it will be a battle to take Casterly Rock, but the Unsullied have one advantage: He oversaw the rebuilding of the Rock's sewers, and created a secret passageway for his own personal use.

Having entered Casterly Rock, Grey Worm and his soldiers are confused to discover the castle mostly unmanned. Grey Worm realizes Euron's fleet has surrounded the Unsullied ships; he grabs a nearby Lannister guard, demanding to know where the rest of the troops are.

Accompanied by Bronn, Randyll and Dickon Tarly, Jamie leads the Lannister army through the Reach. Olenna Tyrell watches from her balcony at Highgarden. After the battle, paying no attention to the dead soldiers around him, Jaime enters the Queen of Thorns' chamber.

Aware of her fate, Olenna compliments Jaime's use of Casterly Rock as a distraction, then asks how she will die. Olenna admits she resorted to terrible deeds for the sake of her family, but Cersei went beyond even what she could imagine. Jaime conveys Cersei had far worse ideas for Olenna's death, but he convinced her it should be a painless poison. Swallowing her wine without hesitation, Olenna plays her final card. "I'd hate to die like your son," she says. "Tell Cersei. I want her to know I did it."