Second Sons
Game of Thrones | Season 3 | Episode 8

Second Sons

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss

Directed by Michelle MacLaren

Daenerys Targaryen, Barristan Selmy and Jorah Mormont scout a group of mercenaries paid to protect Yunkai, the Second Sons. Although there are more Unsullied than sellswords, Ser Barristan warns Dany they are formidable. Dany invites their leaders, Mero of Braavos, Prendahl na Ghezn and Daario Naharis to meet in an attempt to buy their allegiance. Mero and Prendahl are crude and offensive, while Daario is only skeptical of her mission. The men take a barrel of wine while they think over her proposition.

Back at their camp, the captains debrief. Daario respects Dany's audacity, but his comrades are furious at the way she spoke to them. They agree there's only one way to beat the army of Unsullied-eliminate the khaleesi. The men draw coins and Daario is designated the assassin.

Ayra Stark considers killing the sleeping Hound with a giant rock, until he stirs and assures her he'll break her hands if he lives. Her captor surprises her when he mentions he saved Sansa from being raped by a mob. He also reveals that they're not returning to King's Landing-they're en route to Edmund Tully's wedding at the Twins. The Hound plans to collect Arya's ransom from her mother and brother.

Melisandre and Gendry arrive at Dragonstone. Melisandre sends him to a comfortable chamber, provoking Stannis Baratheon to complain she should just do the deed. Because the boy won't suspect what's coming, Melisandre says her way is better. Stannis visits Davos Seaworth in the dungeon and offers his sympathies for Davos' deceased son. He discloses Melisandre's plan to "sacrifice" Gendry and says it's his duty to comply. Davos, aware that Stannis trusts his opinion, pleads for the innocent boy's life. Stannis tells his Hand that although he was once skeptical of the Lord of Light, he cannot deny the god after all he's seen. After Davos pledges never to raise a hand to the Red priestess, Stannis releases him.

Sansa Stark dresses for her wedding with Shae's assistance. Tyrion enters her chamber and in a moment alone with his bride-to-be, swears he will never hurt her.

In the Sept of Baelor, Lady Margaery links arms with Queen Cersei and warmly remarks they'll soon be sisters. In reply, Cersei reminds her about House Reyne, a powerful family that tried to outshine the Lannisters-and was slaughtered as a result. Reiterating her point, she whispers, "If you ever call me' 'sister' again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep."

Much to her horror, King Joffrey escorts Sansa down the aisle. When they reach Tyrion, Joffrey walks away with the groom's stool, forcing Tyrion to ask his bride to kneel in order to fasten the marital cloak around her neck.

At the wedding reception, Tyrion drinks heavily while Sansa and Shae sit miserably. Equally unhappy, Loras Tyrell and Lady Margaery listen as Lady Olenna charts the convoluted new family tree. Loras tries to make conversation with Cersei and quickly learns she has no desire to speak to him.

Joffrey taunts Sansa about her childhood dream of marrying a Lannister-and informs her it doesn't matter which one gets her pregnant. Over Tyrion's protests, he decries that the traditional bedding ceremony begin. When the groom threatens the king, Tywin comes to his son's defense, connecting the insubordination to Tyrion's insobriety. Tyrion plays up his drunkenness and retreats with his wife into their chamber. There, he learns the woman he's been commanded to bed is only 14 years old. Despite his father's orders, Tyrion tells Sansa he won't sleep with her until she's ready. Sansa replies that may never happen.

Shae barges in with breakfast the next morning. She's curt with the newlyweds, but softens when she sees the sheets and realizes the marriage hasn't been consummated.

In her camp, Missandei attends to Dany in her bath when an intruder enters the tent. The man grabs Missandei and holds a knife to her throat. Daario Naharis removes his helmet, releases the girl, and spills Mero and Prendahl's decapitated heads out of a sack. Daario pledges his loyalty-and heart-to Dany alone and promises that the Second Sons will fight for her.

Melisandre plies Gendry with wine and urges him to trust his circumstances: The Lord of Light has willed this. Stripping naked, Melisandre seduces him and straps him to the bed-and then applies leeches to his body. Stannis and Davos enter and watch as Melisandre removes the swollen leeches and walks over to a brazier. One by one, she tosses the blood-fat creatures into the flame and names the "usurpers": Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Joffrey Baratheon.

Samwell Tarly and Gilly stumble upon a shack north of the Wall and decide to spend the night there. As they gather kindling, ravens land in the trees above them and begin to caw. Huddling for warmth inside the shack, Gilly learns that Sam's father was also cruel. With the ravens' cries growing in intensity, Sam steps into the night, and Gilly realizes a White Walker has come to claim her son. After the Walker easily shatters Sam's shaking sword, Sam drives his dragonglass dagger into its neck. The Walker explodes into ice. Sam, Gilly and her baby flee the scene, followed by a flock of screaming ravens.