Season 8 Episode 1

Season Eight Premiere. Vince returns from rehab with a new movie idea; Ari looks to win back Mrs. Ari; Drama throws Vince a "dry" party.

Season 8 Episode 2

Vince gets help on a movie outline; Ari and Lloyd do recon on Mrs. Ari; Eric gets a surprising voicemail from Sloan.

Season 8 Episode 3

Vince’s movie gets a producer’s attention; Dice and Drama renegotiate their contracts; Ari is set up on a date; Turtle gets news about Avion and Alex.

Season 8 Episode 4

The guys help Vince with a drug test; Ari gets back at Mrs. Ari by flaunting an old flame.

Season 8 Episode 5

Drama tries to get Andrew Dice Clay back on his show; Vince does a Vanity Fair interview; Ari has an awkward meeting with Dana Gordon.

Season 8 Episode 6

Vince tries to make amends; Ari fears an ugly divorce; Eric gets an unexpected gift; Drama shows his solidarity.

Season 8 Episode 7

Vince continues to woo Sophia; Turtle pitches his investors; Eric turns to Melinda; and Ari connects with the miners script.

Season 8 Episode 8

(Series Finale) Vince pulls out all the stops for Sophia, and the guys rally to support Eric.
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