In the Season Seven premiere, the director of Vince's latest action film talks his star into doing his own driving stunt.
Vince takes on a look to match his new outlook; Ari makes a bold NFL pitch; Turtle regrets an accusation; Eric agrees to help Drama find a project.
Vince bonds with a new BFF; Ari balks at a promotion; Drama assesses his sitcom potential; and Turtle weighs a new business proposal.
Turtle considers a south-of-the-border pitch; Drama meets his competitive match; Eric and Scott vie for Vince's attention.
Vince meets porn star Sasha Grey; Ari frets that Lizzie is stealing his clients; Turtle asks Vince for an endorsement; Drama worries about his new show.
Facing a possible lawsuit, Ari readies himself to do battle with Lizzie and her new boss, his old foe Amanda Daniels. Vince puts his next big-budget movie in jeopardy with his antics, including a risque online video. Turtle's romancing of Alex does not go as well as he had envisioned. A cleaned-up Billy Walsh returns to ask Eric about a directing job.
Vince parties too hard before an important meeting; Ari helps Lizzie find a job in exchange for damaging audiotapes.
Ari’s bad press leads him to make over his image; Eric and Ari worry that Vince’s life is spiraling out of control.
Vince tries to land Sasha a part on his new movie; Ari deals with bad news; Eric tries to get Drama on board with a new show.
Season Seven Finale. The guys attempt an intervention for Vince; Ari plans a surprise party for Mrs. Ari; Eric considers Scott’s business proposal.

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