The Cannes Kids
Entourage | Season 4 | Episode 12

The Cannes Kids

TV-MA | 34 MIN

Directed by Mark Mylod
Written by Doug Ellin

The coast of Cannes buzzes with celebrity arrivals and the promise of a big pay day for Vince (not to mention some anonymous French sex for Drama and Turtle), and when the crew's once-prospective financier, Prince Yair, offers to buy 'Medellin' sight-unseen for $35 million, it appears both objectives may be satisfied. Ari worries that the prince's distribution can't support the film, but when chief investor Nicky Rubenstein catches wind of the offer in L.A., he orders Ari to meet with Yair. At a lavish party his boat, the prince talks business with the filmmakers, while Drama and Turtle enjoy the entertainment. The elder Chase meets a beautiful girl named Jacqueline – apparently 'Viking Quest' is huge in France – but when he takes her back to the hotel, the manager kicks him out for throwing a fit over his modest room. Unable to reconnect with his newfound love, Drama wanders the beaches in search of her, ending up back at Yair's party, where the prince offers him a place to crash.

Ari's search for a 'Medellin' buyer gets off to a strong start. A few key deceptions – appearing at a party with Harvey Weingard and spreading disinformation through Lloyd's network of gay assistants – bait Dana Gordon into making an offer, but it falls short of Yair's sum. Vince and E level with her in hopes of landing a legitimate studio, offering to leave their money on the hook if she can cover Nicky's investment. The deal lasts for about five minutes, until Yair catches wind of it and offers $75 million directly to Nicky. Unable to argue with cash like that, Vince and company are all smiles as they follow the red carpet into their premiere. When Drama hears Jacqueline scream from the crowd, he scoops her up and carries her off to the beach to consummate their relationship on the sand. Vince doesn't get so lucky with the screening of 'Medellin.' The crowd's boos at the end of the film give way to a diatribe by Walsh, and Yair immediately backs out of the deal. With nowhere left to turn, Ari accepts a backhanded offer of one dollar from Harvey Weingard, banking on the studio head's financial savvy to dig them out of the hole.