The Script and the Sherpa
Entourage | Season 1 | Episode 5

The Script and the Sherpa

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Directed by Adam Bernstein
Written by Doug Ellin and Stephen Levinson

Vince is dating a new girl, Fiona, and the rest of the crew are not happy about the new relationship. Fiona is an outspoken vegan, causing Vince to rearrange his routine to try and keep her happy. This doesn't sit well with Turtle, Eric and Drama, who all see her as a potential Yoko Ono, ready to ruin Vince's career... along with the sweet setup that they've established.

A rival agent, Josh Weinstein, slips Eric a script at the gym. Eric positively loves "Queens Boulevard," and urges Vince to read the script. However, it isn't until Fiona recommends it that Vince actually winds up opening the script. Ultimately, he does, and instantly falls in love with the script.

Turtle's biggest headache is the massive marijuana shortage that is currently gripping the West Coast. Nobody seems to have a supplier, and Turtle relies on the weed to help him to score. Shockingly, Fiona has a solution... her guru, who has an enormous operation working out of Bel Aire. The crew meet the Sherpa, who, while wildly eccentric, does have the goods. Fiona finally shows the crew that she's got one thing going for her by providing the hookup, and she soon establishes a second, as she leaves the country to go on a months-long spiritual quest.

Ari gets Vince a meeting with Scott Wick, the producer of "Queens Boulevard," but he warns that Wick is not a fan of Vince. The meeting is cold at first, and it looks as if Vince won't be offered a role, but when Wick discovers that Vince has a source of weed, the relationship warms. Vince then manages to keep Scott out of trouble when a cop discovers them smoking up outside the restaurant, cementing him as the top choice to star in "Queens Boulevard."