Chapter 29
Eastbound & Down | Season 4 | Episode 8

Chapter 29

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by John Carcieri & Jody Hill & Danny McBride; Directed by Jody Hill

Kenny enters his divorce proceedings and fires his team of lawyers. He asks April for one week to prove himself before she finalizes the paperwork.

On the set of 'Sports Sesh,' Kenny tries to make amends with the crew for his behavior during the Christmas special by firing his security guards. His apology is interrupted by Ronnie Thielman, the head of the network. Thielman, a Brit traveling with a 13-year-old boy he's been educating, saw Kenny's Christmas special and loved it. He offers to give Kenny his own show and make him the next Ellen DeGeneres.

Kenny visits Stevie in his home, where he's recovering from the accidental gunshot to his chin. Stevie, hopped up on painkillers, has some constructive criticism for Kenny's screenplay.

For Kenny's first show, Ronnie wants a teary interview with Guy Young. Kenny visits Guy in his home, where he finds the former host disheveled and performing to a pretend audience. Reaching out, Kenny offers one last shot at redemption, telling Guy it's "because once upon a time, a dear friend gave me a chance when the rest of the world had counted me out."

After Kenny's son Toby performs in a school play, April tells Kenny she's not ready to have her heart broken again. She's moving with the kids to Santa Fe.

Before taping the inaugural 'Powers Hour,' Ronnie tells Kenny to "crush Guy Young like a teenage hymen." It's not a show about redemption, it's a show about humiliation. When Kenny brings out Guy, the old host is showered with boos. When Guy attempts to come clean, Kenny reveals the true nature of the show -- but he refuses to play along with it. As the network executive looks on in horror, Kenny apologizes for his past behavior. "I made a lot of my mistakes on my return to superstardom," he admits. "I screwed a lot of pooches." Kenny declares that the dragon that is Kenny Powers will now retreat to his cave. When Ronnie comes after him, Kenny punches him in the face.

Kenny returns home to see his family off. As he hands over the signed divorce papers, he apologizes one last time. April stops him and kisses him. They move to Santa Fe together.

Reworking his screenplay, Kenny imagines directing the feature film about his life. He casts Alexander Skarsgard and Lindsay Lohan as his grown-up children. In his vision, April is shot and killed by muggers, leaving Kenny to wallow in a life of hardcore drug addiction before finally getting clean. He pictures himself moving to Africa and marrying a local woman. When he dies, Stevie and his children come to collect his ashes. Cut to black, and the audience goes apeshit.

In his Santa Fe home, Kenny finishes his screenplay, and joins April after a long day of writing.