Chapter 26
Eastbound & Down | Season 4 | Episode 5

Chapter 26

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Hayes Davenport, Jody Hill and Danny McBride; Directed by Jody Hill

Kenny has a gathering to celebrate the opening of his new pool. As he bathes in his new success, April expresses her concern that Kenny is losing touch. He treats her to a night out at an expensive restaurant and the opera, lavishing her with gifts and money throughout the night. Unimpressed, April asks Kenny to come to therapy with her.

On 'Sports Sesh,' Guy informs the audience that Jed is no longer with the show. During a segment with Cat Cora from the Food Network, Kenny interrupts with his new feature, "Kenny's Cuttin' In," and asks the audience if they want to see how many jalapeno peppers he can eat. They do, and he obliges.

Stevie and Kenny discuss a new business venture; Kenny wants to start a restaurant called T.N.T. -- Taters and Tits. Stevie scopes out a kiosk in the mall for their first location. Kenny visits Dustin's house to drop off gifts in an attempt to buy his way back into his brother's good graces. When Dustin finally agrees to hear him out, Kenny cuts him off to take a phone call from Guy, who wants to meet at the lake. Guy arrives at the dock via water-powered jet pack and asks Kenny to take down his performance on the show. "Not everybody can fly," Guy warns, before water-jet packing away.

During the show taping, Kenny can't help himself. Despite another pre-show warning from Guy, Kenny cuts in on Guy's animal segment. Later, April arrives at couples' therapy, but Kenny is nowhere to be found. He's at the lake, piloting his brand new water jet pack.